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Conversation Between Blink and JMDTM

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  1. All that said, I don't see the rams trading now. Without long, they may have wanted fisher. But with long, they now can focus on offensive weapons, linebackers, and safety. Those are their biggeest needs currently. And idk if they could get someone they truly want at 5.

    I'd like to trade with the 49ers. They got good depth and like 11 draft picks. Can't afford to keep em all. But they can afford to move up and draft mingo/Ansah/Jordan to bloster their front 7
  2. We'd have to get a little more. Say geno goes top 5 cause a team just desperately takes him(like many ppl do with early round qbs such as ponder and jake locker). Saffold wanting to a starting left tackle and the rams saying you should play on the right.. Well that could help our chances of getting him for a little cheaper.

    All in all, I'd say the 5th pick for the 16th, a 3rd and 6th and saffold. They can afford To having another 1st, still have their 2nd, and 2 future 1sts.

    If we didn't include saffold it would most likely be say.. The 5th and a 7th rounder for the 16th, 22nd, and their 5th(early trades such as in the top 7 usually value higher than the chart indicated, in this case we win in value terms but they get a top 5 pick. Teams treasure their 1st round picks.
  3. Hey man I know you do many mocks in stuff and they are fun to read.

    What about trading back with the Rams and picking up #16 & Roger Saffold. To much or to little.
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