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Conversation Between Blink and GunFactor187

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  1. Lol and then my roommate blows a fuse n it doesn't save!

    Good thing I could draft all day haha
  2. Lol. It's all good though. Trading time! Haha! I drafted Davis with the #14th pick if memory serves, then in the 2nd round I drafted Dre.
  3. Lol that's were I kind of got screwed.

    I got the #14 pick. I took Kevin Love but Drummond went in the 2nd rd so I said **** that and started over. Lol

    Sure enough I start over and got the #30 pick haha
  4. Love the balance in that starting line and the fact that you got Crawford. How did your draft go?
  5. My team

    H.Barnes/Wesley Johnson/S. Muhammed
    Afflalo/Jamal Crawford
    Dragic/Norris Cole

    No trades yet but not impressed with my bench haha
  6. It's aight, just wanted to let you know. =)
  7. Lol yeah sorry my man. Was on aa three day binge.
  8. Hey it's your pick in Adopt A Piston!
  9. Lol, hope the bathtub is comfy for ya tonight haha!
  10. Guns gun be gune
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