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Conversation Between warfelg and Jets012

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  1. you're up
  2. Yea, I could be down for that. What's the remainder of the deal look like?
  3. Any interest in Val for Ross based. Only gain like 4 million. 3- Team deal. Could maybe take back another smaller contract.
  4. GO for it. Sorry fell asleep last night.
  5. Hey we got an idea
  6. The closest I have to that is Deng. I would be willing to send a pick along with him if that's what it took.
  7. 14 million. Can take back something close to that
  8. That actually would interest me a bit. All depends on how much he makes and how much the contract you're taking back makes.
  9. Any interest in Val for cheap? Can help you take back a bad contract.
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