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Conversation Between Rush and koldjerky

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  1. Literally just received the CC in the mail today.
  2. Yeah, that's my thought. I don't go to the movies much but if I start seeing 2/month, I'll more than make up for it. Had to convince my gf to get it too.
  3. Super easy to use. Totally worthy it. Already got my money's worth this month.
  4. I'll just hold up the days it says since you're saying you were able to use it once you got the card. I'm guessing this is super worth it? Thanks, Rush!
  5. I'm not aware of the e-ticket. Maybe you should look into that.

    Yeah I think you should have it by next weekend. Mine took a little longer, almost two weeks, because of the overload of people subscribing. I ordered it the first day it became available.
  6. ah, ok. I saw that you could do e-tickets not needing your card so I figured you could use it right away. How long did it take? Should I expect the card before next weekend?
  7. Right. You have to get your card first because you use it as a debit card to swipe at the box office.
  8. Were you able to use it right away? I just signed up for it and it says to wait 5-7 bus days for your card. So am I understanding, I cannot use it until I receive the carD?
  9. Yup. Just used it yesterday.
  10. Hey, you still using moviepass?
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