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Conversation Between Baldyy and WIPurplePride

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  1. How'd starting Warner work out for ya? j/k
  2. BTW Barber splits carries and so will Marshawn... Thomas Jones and Leon both see about 15-20 touches a game so they are almost both seeing a #1's workload of 20 carries.
  3. Marshawn name value is good but i betcha he see's the same or less then amount of carries Leon Washington does because Fred Jackson has been playing so well and if they split 50-50 they just wont run as much as the Jets will cuz when your behind like the Bills will be alot you pass more...
  4. I sorta want Marion Barber cuz I'm trading for Felix Jones so I'de like to have both of them cuz you never know who's getting more carries who's going to be injured, etc etc... I don't think you should be worried about losing Lav. Coles cuz Mario Manningham so far has been playing like a top 10 WR for Fantasy.
  5. Hmmm... Well what if it was Thomas Jones and Steve Slaton? I take it you don't like Leon Washington?
  6. What do you say? I think its a fair deal.

    Thomas Jones and Leon Washington both could be starters cuz the Jets will run the ball alot with the lead their defense gives them and a young QB means team always try to help them out and run alot. Not that you need them to be starters cuz you got Pierre Thomas and the purple jesus himself AP! Mario Manningham is just a come out of nowhere beast this year tons of production


    a injuried Marion Barber, Marshawn Lynch who will be returning but not at his old style HEAD COACH Dick Jauron said it will be a 50-50 share with Fred Jackson probably. and one of your bench WR's lav. coles cuz i need some WR in return for Manningham.
  7. You know Mario Manningham is already one of the more productive WR's this year. So he's a good starter for you but i need a WR in return and Coles is off your bench so...

    I'll start 2 WR's and 3 RB's so i should be fine trading you Manningham.. I'm just a little worried then about my WR depth if Welker don't play.
  8. There I think this is fair.

    Jets Defense is lights out which gives them the lead alot and they love to run the ball behind that good 0-line partly cuz they cant trust a rookie QB to throw too much and partly cuz you run the ball to run out the clock and sustain the lead. I'm trading you both Leon Washington and Thomas Jones. Right now they are seeing about the same carries but Leon is making the most of his better. Leon Washington led the NFL in all purpose yards last year so he's a great FLEX STARTER. Rushing and Receiving he should get you 50 yds each so about 8-10 pts a week with a potential for a Touchdown and a potential for a return touchdown as well
  9. Baldyy, I spoke before i thought... I will trade you Manningham but we'll probably have to do a 2for2 or 3for3 deal then cuz I won't have a starting WR this week if I trade WR Manningham for a RB Lynch.

    I'll offer ya something..
  10. Manningham.. straight up?
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