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Conversation Between jetsforever and blujaysrock

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  1. wasssssssssup
  2. HA just saw this. Yes do it
  3. timmies left me a message saying to call back to set up an interview hahah should I do it?
  4. Lol I cant understand one thing you said ahah
  5. vocaroo lol you record yourself, make a link and send it to whoever. Listen to one i posted below
  6. Hhaahah yeah he did hate Burke. I'm sure he'll be around though. I bet it was from a different forum that it happened. I could be wrong though.
  7. Well he's very knowledgable, but it's just ironic that his constant Burke hate catches up with him. But, yeah, I can't see anything big coming from this. Doubt we see him around anymore though, probably scared shitless lol
  8. That's funny as hell. Still that sucks for him. Shouldn't be getting sued over something like that at all. Doubt he will though. I've never had a problem with him.
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