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Conversation Between MagicBucsSox and IversonIsKrazy

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  1. When thinking about what makes a good rapper, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. A great rapper is more than just hot lyrics and good flow. For a rapper to truly be considered a complete package, he must have the following: flow, delivery, punch lines, wordplay, originality, content, metaphors, writing skills, creativity, and less importantly, record sales (record sales should really be followed by an asterisk since Hip Hop is only just starting to sell to the mainstream market.

    Eminem, unlike many rappers, has his own flow. He sounds like no one else in the game right now. Although, at times, you can hear glimpses of Nas and AZ, his ability to change his vocal pace and style multiple times throughout a song without losing the beat separates him from the hip hop mass. He can change the tone of a song within a fraction of a second and not seem at all altered by the beat. What makes him even more of an individual when it comes to his flow is that the delivery, tone, speed and mannerism of every song can differ, and while with some artist this might come as an unpleasant change, for him it works.
  2. Kanye is wayy better than eminem too, eminem sells the most because THE SUBURBS BUY IT,if you dont realize that than idk what to tell you. you never hear his music on black stations.
  3. Lol at the fact u think Em < Wayne or Drake. That's ur opinion, but Em was the best selling artist of the decade, so clearly he makes music that everyone likes, which is why it sells. Wayne is flat out garbage, who doesn't write his own rhymes that suck. And Drake COULD"VE bin so much more, but he signed with Young Money, and he'll never rap about anything that'll make u think or feel, just another w/e mainstream song. I can respect the opinion of Jay being better than Em, I think different, but I can see both arguments. But it's actually pains me when ppl tell me Wayne is actually good, really hurts.
  4. first off Eminem is great but he said himself on the song"White America" that he wouldnt be half as big as he is nor would he get away with the **** he says in his raps if he were blck. the man himslef said thatso who are you? jayz and biggie we're close friends and THEY BOTH SPITTED EACH OTHER RHYMES. Jayz is the greatest he makes music ppl of all economic levels love n respect. Only ppl listen to Em **** like that is white and suburban you and i both know that. His music is not relevant in the hood and if you cant make music relevant to the ppl who created it your nothing. Jayz has done it since 96. plus eminem raps about the same **** his daughter,pop stars, kim and uncle ronnie's grave. not to mention EMINEM HAS NEVER EVER BATTLED ANOTHER CREDITABLE RAPPER EVER. Eminem is not better then Wayne Jayz or Drake right now homie sorry to tell you. if u like him thats fine its your opinion
  5. Jay-Z is good and all, but he started his career by spitting ryhmes out of Biggies mouth. Eminem is amazingly underrated. There will never be another rapper like him, his flow, his style, how real he is, never will even come close, I might sound ignorant when I say this, but If he was Black he would be considered better than Biggie without a doubt. - And I'm not even biased abt that since I'm not white. Eminem is the best rapper right now, I don't see why Jay-Z' blueprint 3 would be considered better than Em's Recovery.
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