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Conversation Between patrickny209 and NYM-RMCF-DM

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  1. Yeah man. I feel the same way. Hopefully everyone important is healthy next year.
  2. Right, for once I wish our team would start and end a season without losing key players for HUGE chunks of time. I mean, injuries are part of the game, but they plague us a little too much. If we started the year with Johan, and Ike and Young stayed healthy, maybe we'd be in contention now. But it's just a depressing game of "what ifs," I really hope next season is different in this respect.
  3. Well really We have to hope for the best but keep expecting for the worst as far as this season is concerned. Losing Johan, Young, Ike and David for so long and that bad start effed us up.
  4. Yeah, our mediocrity really shines on nights like this. As soon as they get you feeling good, they kick you in the nuts. I guess we'll end this season at 81-81, or 80-82. Very frustrating!
  5. yeah it would be cool. But what can we do? haha nice loss for us today eh? lol
  6. Oh alright haha cool, I wish PSD would allow us to change our user names, I'd like to simplify mine a bit.
  7. Lol. It's ok. RMCF stands for Real Madrid Club de Futbol. and DM stands for Downtown-Miami. Lol I love Miami. I'm from the D.R. But Miami's one of my favorite places: That's all.
  8. Hey, I was wondering what your username stands for? Besides the NYM part of course lol
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