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Conversation Between ThomasTomasz and unleashthebeast

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  1. hey TT, when you get a chance can you unsticky and lock the 2018 game thread in the Heat forum and sticky the new one? thanks!
  2. Make your pick
  3. Lol yep that fixed it, I feel stupid now. Thanks for the help!
  4. On the browser page see the box with the up arrow? Select the option request desktop site. I think you have that issue not a default skin view
  5. iPhone
  6. iPhone or android?
  7. Hey man, appears my phone is still on the mobile view. Looking to get it back to full, desktop view. Thanks in advance
  8. you're otc
  9. hey there. i saw u were on the waiting list for mlb redraft and was wondering if ud want to be mine and miamiwadecountys assistant? would u be interested? if not thats fine
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