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Conversation Between streetballa and Rivera

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  1. Edit that I don't have a pick till 07
  2. Are you looking for picks? Or cash?
  3. Make an offer and we can go from there
  4. what for kenyon martin...raptors sim league
  5. going to hold off until i hear back from a couple people...can try and work a deal where you get thorton for essentially free lol
  6. full 10k?
  7. *stuckey
  8. I don't want to give you a first for a one year rental...but when I do claims in the am ill give u 8k for stucey
  9. No
  10. Give us Memo and Odom for KG/2nds/2k it will help with your rebuilding, it will also help you tank for a high lotto pick.
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