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Conversation Between streetballa and BullsNumber1Fan

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  1. With you losing the Glove and Shard regressing, interested in just dumping shard? He still has like 4 years $50+ million and is not worth the contract. I'll just take him and his awful contract if you are looking to rebuild.
  2. You gonna be rebuilding this offseason? If so, what would you want for Shard?
  3. Good value, I don't have picks for next 2 seasons but thinking about a rebuild after that.
  4. What are you looking for in a deal for KMart?
  5. ditto
  6. Nice working with ya.
  7. Alright. I'll waive him now.
  8. Actually why not, I need money for camps.
  9. He's still a nice piece to have when you don't even have to pay his contract with me giving you $12M.
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