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Conversation Between streetballa and homestarunner93

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  1. Nevermind, just kidding.
  2. You're up in the sim league draft.
  3. Yeah, I'm just inputting in order. I'll get to it tonight, I'm done for now but have like 8 more FA PMs (same answer as ark).
  4. same question as ark
  5. #13+Swan for Cann?
  6. Odom+Batum+1st for Wade?
  7. If you need a starting PF, I'm willing to waive Zach Randolph for a first. Lemme know.
  8. its w/e really, was just hoping to get him so I could use my SF depth to get a PF upgrade and let Motie stay at SF. Just figured I would try arguing to get my way, even though Grizz do need him more.
  9. Oh yeah, I hate you so much . I processed all of the moves at once, but I use the times to determine priority. Since Budinger technically wasn't cut when you tried to sign him, then you can't get him.
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