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Conversation Between ******2017 and Rivera

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  1. **** romo. Mark sanchez > romo tim tebow > romo kyle orton > romo blane gabbert > romo eli manning > romo. Yosef> romo
  2. i got him back though
  3. i need that sig! bad! that just screams all type of epic
  4. Gives bee a gatorade bath! I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
  5. i know lolol but chino will care and he will see #theriveristoodamnhigh
  6. a bee sighting let me borrow some moves from my dance class
  7. And bee want to know the best part? I told him exactly what to trade that would get passed which he still heavily raped al and he acted all crazy like I was against him oh man I miss being an ignorant 16 year old
  8. Chino needs to go to anger management classes he's mad that dmac/futuro/and I (not just me lol) all rejected his trade and he's mad that saddler convinced me to take christian and not yoko...16 year olds are cute
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