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Conversation Between Buckwheat and More-Than-Most

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  1. Ha holy ****.. yea i never knew of that story honestly... I talked to sexi often in the phillies forum and you would have to have several personalities or be a great actor in my opinion for that to be true... Sexi is a smug funny know it all pos that always has to have the last word and it makes me all warm and tingly thinking about it : )

    Its funny really... people hated him for being right and cocky but he was right alot lol. I hope they bring him
  2. will catch you up

    I was banned for two dupes that were not mine. They banned me without any proof of the dupes belonging to me. I wrote to them and the ban was reversed and they could provide no proof as to how they came to that conclusion in the first place.

    I made a thread after this to publicly embarrass them and joked that me and sexicano were the same person all along. and that is how they permabanned me.

    That is what I was banned for lmao. A joke. They wanted me gone that badly. So that's why soop was defensive over the sexicano thing. I mean I don't think anyone can genuinely believe we were the same person.
  3. and i did!
  4. Lol you have me literally Loling right now because I pictured you slamming down your keyboard when typing that
  5. i hate that son of a *****
  6. Haha you just got owned by the PSD Team.
  7. Na I have downloaded a billion movies...Hell I downloaded over 400 this past 3 months alone... The day they take away my ability to torrent is the day I stop paying 30 a month for comcast internet
  8. Thanks, no hurry

    I'm a little bummed about this.. and nervous that they can now track everything you do. Thanks, government!
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