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Conversation Between Mr. LA and xxplayerxx23

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  1. No but screw the damn bench when we have a top 5 player at his position at every position in the starting lineup top 3 actually besides metta
  2. 0_0 what? You really think LA has a bench? Better the NYK's bench?
  3. Dude you're 18 and think you know so much lololol
  4. Yeah sure but fact of the mater is Kncks bench>>>Lakers Bench
  5. yeah I'm ... cool story bro!
    anyways back to the subject ... Bench did you say? Knicks bench is awesome ... 10 years ago
  6. Lol did a 10 year old just call me kid? A coach won't fix a team that has no bench, and mismatches. Lets see how nash fits in with Kobe. Also Jackson isn't coach so not sure why you are so sure.
  7. nah. Nash, Bryant, Howard combined together are not 100% right now! You could only deny the innevitable for so long kid... In the end... You'll see me at the Laker parade come June
  8. 1-4 you mad?
  9. Phil is coming home! U mad?
  10. I'll stick with it actually
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