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Conversation Between Mr. LA and JNoel

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  1. Yeah we need a huge game from Smith on Welker ... soo many guys have to step up to win though ... it needs to be a flawless game .... anyways ... I would LOVE to beat the those guys so bad .... I also looked at the playoff picture and I kind of like our chances despite the hard schedule ... just need this game bad ... I think we match up ok with the 49ers and the Bills and Jags should be easy wins .... then the Pats might now play their starters week 17 ... we need this one bad in soo many ways
  2. As long as Sean Smith and whoever other scrub CB doesn't get burnt all day long, we might stand a slight chance which is probably pushing it at that.
  3. hey ... someone talking to me for once ... refreshing .... I thought you dislike me too ... but anyways ... I am bittersweet about it ... of course I can't wait for football ... but the game could get really really ugly .. lol it is scary how ugly it can get .... we do have a good rush D tho so I am not afraid of Rideley or whoever they have and Gronk isn't playing ... they have some other guys out too ... I think Bush could have a big game too ... If we get pressure on Brady we might be ok
  4. Sup man? You ready to watch the Dolphins get a spanking on Sunday?
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