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05-07-2020, 11:53 PM
NFL All Time Rules

The NFL All-time Re-Draft is a game where every player who has ever played in the NFL is put into a "player pool." Teams are then put into a draft order that is completely random. Teams will go in a "snake style" draft picking players one at a time. You will also select the decade you want to use on your roster when making your pick. You can change this later on but you must meet the decade requirements at the games end so keep track.
The Draft will consist of 20 draft rounds and an open free agency period with no order. In the Free Agency period you may drop AND sign any player that has not yet been selected and pick up extra players. Free Agency is strictly first come, first serve.

Decade Requirements

Due to recency bias there will be minimums and maximums on certain decades to prevent stacking of a team with just guys who have played in the past few decades or so. When you make your player selection in the draft you will also make a decade selection for them. That is the decade that applies here, you can change the decade at any time but at games end you must meet these requirements.

1920's-1960's: Must have 5 players or more from these decades.
1990's-2020's: Can't have more than 10 players from these decades.

* Players can play both ways, they will count twice if you choose to use them that way.
* Any player on your roster counts no matter starting or not.
* Current players must have played 5 seasons to be able to get drafted.

Roster Requirements

You will have some minimums and maximums on certain positions as well to keep the game balanced. Use https://www.pro-football-reference.com/ to find what position they are listed as for the season you are using. The requirements are as follows.

QB: 1 max
RB/FB: 2 minimum - 3 max
WR/TE - 3 minimum - 5 max (2 TE max)
OL - 5 max
DT/DE/LB - 7 minimum - 8 max
DB/CB/FS/SS - 4 minimum - 6 max

Total Offense: 11 minimum - 14 max
Total Defense: 11 minimum - 14 max

* Two way players will count twice, starting or not

Draft Operation

In order to keep the draft running and not coming to a stand still you will get a set amount of time to make your selection. This is a good reason why you should join the discord channel so you can get notifications to when your on the clock. If you know you won't be able to make your pick please send a list to myself or anyone else that will be able to make your selection for you. Make sure the list has enough people on it because if everyone on the list is taken before your selection you will still be skipped when times up.

Round Skip Times
Round 1 (6 Hours)
Rounds 2-3 (4 hours)
Rounds 4-6 (3 hours)
Rounds 7-11 (2 hours)
Rounds 12-20 (1 hour)
FA period (Will have to wait 1 hour in-between your selections)

*After each selection you will message the next up in some form so they know they are on the clock.


You can deal picks and/or players but all deals must be one-for-one. Both teams must confirm the trade by sending it to me in a PM.

Trade format and an example:

Team 1 sends:
Round 2, pick 14
Round 3, pick 28

Team 2 sends:
Round 1, pick 8
Round 6, pick 20