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01-07-2020, 02:19 AM

Salary Cap

You MUST keep track of your salary cap. Predetermined individuals will have control over the salaries in google docs. My suggestion is for you to download that file and keep track of it. We want to keep this game as fair and fun as possible.

You cannot go over the cap at any time. If you do it will be handled accordingly.

Some teams will be starting over the cap. That means they must cut salary (via cuts and trades) to below cap max before they are allowed to

Sign free agents
Franchise tag
Accepting Team Options

If you want to cut a player your team will be saving their base salary (BS) and their roster or other bonus (RB). The signing bonus (SB) stays with the team.

Trading players isnít much different, the team receiving a player has to account for that players BS and RB. The team trading the player has to account for the SB just as if they were cutting him.

A playerís cap is how much that player is costing you, which means BS + SB + RB = player cap for that year.

I realize some of you arenít that great at math so if you have any questions you can ask Super or any other GM. Google docs will be the official salaries. The Google docs will have built in formulas for tracking salaries, and are easy to use. If you keep it on there it will be simple to know where you stand at all times.

You'll need 51-53 players on your roster by the end of the mock.

The Salary Cap is set at 200M.
There is NO rollover cap.

On ~SOON~ at 12:01AM EST all roster bonus will be guaranteed. Before they're treated like salary for purposes of cutting, trading, and restructuring. Afterwards roster bonus's will be treated like signing bonuses and eaten when the player is cut or traded.

Restructuring Contracts:
Each team is limited to the amount of players that they can restructure. Each team may approach 3 players and ask them to restructure a contract. One restructure offer is allowed at a time.

To restructure a players contract you must post in the restructure thread with the previous salary, SB, and RB, and the proposed salary, SB, and RB and reasoning why the player should take a pay cut. I will respond to each reply.

Once a team reaches 3 offers to players, additional offers can be appealed to the commissioner via PM AFTER all 3 restructures have been used. This will be done on a case by case basis. One extra restructure max.

You cannot restructure a free agents contract after you have signed them. The contract you gave them is what they get.

Players on rookie contracts cannot have their salaries restructured as per league rules.

Free Agency:

All contracts are for one season. Bidder can specify deals in the contract if they want like BS, SB, RB but if they donít, Iíll assume that the money is GUARANTEED.

There will be no limit on how many offers you can retract but keep in mind that if you retract an offer and then re-offer a contract to the player there is a VERY good chance you will not be in the running for the player. I will try and give a player update right away saying if the player is fine with the bid or not. Again, it's very unlikely. The player will do in his best interest.

You are not allowed to have offers totaling more than your salary cap. Example: If you have 10 mil in cap space you cannot offer 3 free agents 8 mil deals. That would put you over 14 mil. Even if you feel one of the players will not sign, you must retract your offer. If you go over the Salary Cap while offering deals none of your current offers will be valid until you retract enough offers to get back under.

If you trade a newly signed player, you must first consult the player to ask if accepts the trade. All trades will be voided without the newly signed player's consent.

Free agents do not respond well to insults of other teams bidding. There will be multiple factors taken into account when signing free agents beyond money and team talent.

After a players bid goes to 35M there will be a PM bid. Blind bids are FULLY GUARANTEED. In this case all teams that are interested in bidding for this player will have one day (24 hours) to get their PMs into me. As soon as 24 hours have passed no more PMs will be accepted for that player. One PM per team. If a trade occurs that changes your cap room and has not been approved before the 24 hour notice, it will be acceptable to assume the trade will be approved and the necessary adjustment to your bid will be accepted. However, if no trade was made and two PMs by the same team has been sent to me I will be accepting the 1st PM that I receive. (Please don't abuse that rule). Bids must be at least 35M. Once it gets to bidding whoever has the highest bid will sign the player.

After there has been a decent amount of bids, The Free Agent to give an update on the FA player after a couple of days. If there is only one bid the player could sign within 3-5 days.

Undrafted Free Agents (UDFA) - All UDFA's are now automatically sign with the first team that offers them a contract. UDFA's cost $495,000. Teams may make one post and list the UDFA's they're signing.
***NEW*** - There is a max of 5 UDFA signings per team per 12 hour span.

DO NOT at any point PM the player agent about signing a free agent. This is considered tampering and will result in fines and/or loss of draft picks


All trades will be sent to Wrench - Super - ~~~
If a trade is deemed unfair by the TC, then it will be veto'd. The teams will be notified and can attempt to redo the trade. Let me say with 100% certainty that we as the TC are not out to get you. If we veto a trade that means there is good ****ing reason that we veto'd the trade. Do not ***** moan and carry on about it.

Trading of cash is not allowed.

Trades should look like this

Team A Sends
Player X - 10M BS, 1M RB ; 4M SB (Dead Money by trading team)
1st (15th overall)

Team B Sends
Player Y - .5M BS, .5M RB ; 0 SB
Player Z - 5M BS, .5M RB ; 5M SB (Dead Money by trading team)
2nd ( 40th overall)
3rd (55th overall)
6th (199th overall)

Team A's Salary Before: 135M
Team A's Salary After: 130.5M

Team B's Salary Before: 115M
Team B's Salary After: 119.5M


The draft will be two rounds. The rest of the draft will be a bidding system.

For the bidding format you will bid your draft pick. After two days of being open the thread will close and the person with the highest draft pick bid will sign the player for minimum.

Salaries in rounds 1 and 2 are noted in the NFL Mock Google Drive Folder -

In round 1 and 2 I will give each team a time slot.

Relationship to Real-Life:

All retirements that happen in real-life happen here too. So, plan accordingly if you have a player that is possible considering retirement. If a player retires after clubhouses lock, he will be considered active for the game.

All arrests that happened in real-life happen here too.

Any injuries that might occur over the time of the mock happens here too. If a player on your roster has a potential career ending injury, you may try to appeal his cap hit. There are no guarantees, but there is a chance the hit could be appealed.

End of the Offseason:

At the end of the offseason weíll have our usual voting system where GMs will vote on every team excluding their own. Top 12 teams will be in the playoffs with the top 4 seeds getting byes. All playoff voting will happen in the NFL main forum. Only your roster will be posted with base formations.


Players can and will holdout from playing. These are the 5 reasons for which a player will hold out.

1.) Player thinks he deserves a bigger contract, holds out unless GM gives it to him or talks him out of it
2.) Player plays 2 positions over the course of the year. Gets franchise tagged for the position that pays the least. Player holds out unless traded or paid the amount for the higher paying franchise tag
3.) Player receives an insulting low restructure offer. Holds out until cut or traded
4.) Player promised a starting position and the minutes that being a starter entails. Holds out when another is promised his position or minutes until the situation is rectified.
5. Team signs a player that threatens that players starting position and the starter is upset about it.

To deal with a holdout, a GM must respond in the Holdouts thread. A GM can do a few things to rectify a player holding out. They can talk a player out of it. Offer the player a new contract, or trade the player. Offering a holdout a new contract does not count as a restructure offer.

Clubhouse Rules

You are expected to keep clubhouses up to date.

At bare minimum you must keep your current salary obligations updated at all times. GMs will have 4 hours to update their rosters after trades or cutting players. If you cannot meet the deadline, please PM me.

There will be a clubhouse check randomly (both announced and unannounced) throughout the mock, any team that isn't within spec, your team will suffer a fine

Clubhouse fines
1st - Warning
2nd - 500k
3rd+ - 1M