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09-10-2019, 05:21 PM
September 12th @ 11:59 PM Signups / Check-Ins Close
September 13th @ 7:00 PM Draft Order Revealed
September 14th @ 12:00 PM Draft Begins

11-16-2019, 02:05 PM
The amount Siakam's scoring has improved this late into his career is insane. Usually when guys get way better at scoring it's very early. Giannis for example improved from 7 PPG to 27 PPG over 4 years, but that was from age 19-23. Even guys like Jimmy Butler, and Kevin Love, who made crazy improvements later in their career, only increased their scoring by 12 PPG over 2 years. I know Siakam has gotten a lot of coverage this year, but damn this is really impressive.appvalley (https://getappvalley.com/) tutuapp (https://tutuappx.com/) tweakbox (https://tweakbox.mobi/)