View Full Version : Shaq and Kobe out here throwing bombs at each other

08-28-2019, 02:22 PM
Who is more to blame for the duo not having more rings?


NBA all the way
08-28-2019, 03:25 PM
They both are to blame and Phil for wanting that type of environment.

08-28-2019, 04:58 PM
Lol that ain't no beef

08-28-2019, 06:40 PM
They were both about as alpha as it gets and eventually that's going to not end well. They got 3 titles together, I'd say it worked out pretty good.

08-28-2019, 09:36 PM
Shaq was out of shape that last year with the Lakers. Came back in pretty decent shape In Miami for a year and it was down hill from there

08-29-2019, 03:21 AM
they are both right but i feel like Shaq being in shape would have made them a dynasty on jordan bulls level... Bigs shaq size just wont make it for very long but in that era all he needed to do was over power guys for years which was easy. He ****ed up big time by thinking he could just show up and nothing else matters.

08-29-2019, 11:20 AM
I dont remember who but someone said basically if shaq had any motivation or work ethic, that by the time he retired the MVP would be named after him

09-03-2019, 09:43 PM
I always said Shaq and Kobe won 3...but Kobe and Shaq starting in 2004 would of easily won 3+ more. Itís easily the most dominant duel ever. They where the 2 best players in the league at the time.

09-03-2019, 10:14 PM
Shaq is going to have to release another anti-Kobe rap soon.