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08-06-2019, 06:15 PM
These are the rules for the 2019 Re-Draft. For the most part, the rules are going to be fairly consistent with previous Re-Drafts.

Your roster will be made up of 10 draft-picks. You must complete your roster come voting time to be eligible for the voting process.

Pretty customary. Not much different from past Re-Drafts. The order will be determined randomly and it will be a "snake" draft. If you have the #1 pick in the first round, you will have the last pick in the 2nd round, the first pick in the 3rd round, and the last pick in the fourth round and so on. The draft order will be posted before the draft begins. Notify next team on the clock.

Salary Information:
This is the biggest difference from previous Re-Drafts to this one. In order to increase parity and give more of an equal footing for every team (not just the teams with the first picks will have an upper-hand), your teams hard cap space will depend on where you will be selecting in the draft. This is how we have decided to split up Hard Cap Space:

1-3: 90 mil

4-6: 93 mil

7-9: 96 mil 

10-12: 99 mil 

13-15: 102 mil

16-18: 105 mil

19-21: 108 mil

22-24: 111 mil 

25-27: 113 mil 

28-30: 116 mil

In order to ensure that these rules are being followed, you must immediately post your hard-cap space in your clubhouse. Under no circumstance can you trade cap space in deals. If you're pick #1, you have $90,000,000 in salary cap space for the remainder of the draft. To obtain salary information, we will be using Spotrac. You can find how much a play will cost under their "Cap Figure" for the 2019-2020 season.


As I mentioned before, under no circumstance can you trade salary cap space. The next question I'm sure that will come up is, "if I have the #1 pick and before the draft I trade for the 27th pick, do I get that space?" The answer is once again, no.

There will be a 4 person trade-committee for trades that might compromise the integrity of the game. 3 allows are needed for it to pass. 2 allows and the trade gets vetoed.

Sadds The Gr8
09-13-2019, 08:57 PM
The cap rules we used a few yrs ago were much better imo.

09-13-2019, 09:52 PM
what were those

09-14-2019, 12:26 PM
if you want to draft someone who is unsigned but didn't retire, use their 2018-2019 cap number

Sadds The Gr8
09-14-2019, 02:51 PM
what were those

we private auctioned for the 1st rounders. I think it's better than different hard caps for everyone.

09-17-2019, 08:03 PM
Draft Clocks:

*If You Aren't On
Round 1: 5 hours
Round 2-3: 4 Hours
Round 4-8: 3 Hours
Rounds 9-10: 2 Hours

*If on within 3 picks:
30 minutes (So Send A List)