View Full Version : NBA All-Time Redraft 2nd Round - New Era Bulls vs Team Murph

06-26-2019, 02:29 PM
Every year members of PSD get together and have a draft of all the players throughout history. They are then ranked and seeded where a "playoff" determines the winner of the game. This is that playoff. Look over the two teams and vote on which team you think would win in a 7 games series.

New Era Bulls (Homecourt advantage)

C: Marc Gasol / Tyson Chandler
PF: Dennis Rodman / Elton Brand
SF: Giannis Antetokounmpo / Steve Smith
SG: Michael Jordan / Rip Hamilton
PG: Sam Jones / Deron Williams


Team Murph

PG: Walt Frazier | Mike Bibby
SG: Klay Thompson | Joe Johnson
SF: Kawhi Leonard | Adrian Dantley
PF: Rasheed Wallace | Serge Ibaka
C: Dikembe Mutombo | Karl Anthony-Towns

06-28-2019, 02:48 AM
Man no write ups? Murphy built a psd team for sure. Could walk into the modern game and kick *** but would suck astronomically in literally any other era. Best post threat is Bosh or kawhi? Yikes.

Here is what I love about giannis... He can guard all five players Murphy has. Frazier to dikembe.

Frazier on MJ is nice though and kawhi on giannis is ideal given how the playoffs worked. They got no offense outside that. And Sam Jones vs Klay? That's rough.

06-28-2019, 05:15 PM
I've made my feelings on that MJ team quite clear. We just saw what Kawhi can do to Giannis, and that was with good spacing around him. Klay and Clyde would defend MJ fairly well, at least as well as anyone could, and again, **** spacing on that MJ team. Rasheed pulls Rodman (or Gasol if that's the matchup you choose) away from the basket, which either severely hurts your rebounding or your rim protection. Murph's team was constructed thoughtfully, checks way more boxes and matches up nicely here. Comfortable win for them in my eyes. I look forward to being lectured on why spacing doesn't matter though.

06-28-2019, 06:04 PM
I like Team Murph, but Jordan pushes the needle for me.

Jordan can shut Kay down. I put Rodman on a Kawhi and itís going to be very tough for KL. Giannis can gua d whoever he ends up on at any time.

And again, itís Jordan. Mr I canít be stopped not even a little bit.

Gonna be a good game, but when you have the GOAT, itís gonna carry you.

07-01-2019, 08:15 AM
New Era Bulls win