View Full Version : NBA All-Time Redraft Play in Game 2

06-12-2019, 07:14 PM
Every year members of PSD get together and have a draft of all the players throughout history. They are then ranked and seeded where a "playoff" determines the winner of the game. This is that playoff. Look over the two teams and vote on which team you think would win in a 7 games series.

Team L+G (Homecourt advantage)

PG: Damian Lillard | Louis Williams
SG: Vince Carter | Pete Maravich
SF: Jamaal Wilkes | James Worthy
PF: Kevin McHale | Anthony Mason
C: David Robinson | Yao Ming


Team Soxtober

PG: Jason Kidd | Mike Conley
SG: Brandon Roy | Earl Monroe
SF: Carmelo Anthony | Alex English
PF: Karl Malone | Larry Nance
C: Bob Lanier | Jack Sikma

06-12-2019, 10:57 PM
Vote Vote Vote! Even just post which team you think wins the series?!?

06-13-2019, 02:13 AM
In a 7 game series L G wins more than 50% of the time. soxtonbers only hope is that Kidd and Melo equal Jordan: they could come up big along with Malone and steal it but overall theyíre not as good

06-13-2019, 02:15 AM
Kevin McHale, Lou Williams and Lillard lol. (Yao and Mason)
Most teams all time would have a hard time beating that team outside of dream team type stuff

06-13-2019, 02:27 PM
I hate both of these teams but I hate LG's team slightly less.

06-13-2019, 02:53 PM
Lillard and Carter are two of my favorite players. But so is Roy lol.

06-13-2019, 02:57 PM
Lanier has to hold his own against drob and wilkes has to have similar defensive impact as Kidd. Whoever can make that argument best would get my vote.

06-15-2019, 09:30 PM
Team L+G Wins.

06-16-2019, 04:57 AM
Team Soxtober is lead by Jason Kidd for me. He's a great team leader and one of the best overall at leadership. His main weapon will be Malone who is a great mid range/post player. Maloneís gives Kidd a strong Rebounder as well and letting Kidd run more fast breaks. Nace will play above the rim. Melo gives Kidd is elite Iso player when his passing is not finding anyone. Roy can stretch the floor and has some clutch gene in him. Malone is the power defender. Good run offense team with solid defenders.

Team L+G is my pick. I donít know who I give the team lead to. Iím leaning Lillard. This team has to much offense. So many Iso greats. Mchale had Malone level mid range/post game. Robinson can explode for big time games and can play great next to great bigs. Ming is great big offensive big to keep a scoring treat in the floor. Mason is the bully defender you throw at great scores. Lillard is a top 5 closer and can a tough guard for anyone. Vince gives them a super athletic finisher. Worthy is one of the biggest X-Factors ever. Super smart player who can dominate the inside and more importantly off the ball.

Team LG for the win.