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05-18-2019, 05:10 PM
This is where anyone who would like to post power rankings may do so.

05-25-2019, 03:18 AM
Kind of liberating not to have a great team this time around. I don't care what this does to me in voting. You ****ers aren't voting for me anyway with this team. I don't have to pretend to be nice. If I have reason to believe your clubhouse isn't up to date I reserve the right to leave you off. Before we start, just a basic look at my criteria:

- Defense matters more than offense in this game in my opinion because mostly all-time greats make up the rosters, and all-time greats are almost all great offensively. Defensively? They range all over the ****ing map. I get that there's a difference between, say, Michael Jordan and Clyde Drexler, but the gap between the best player on any two teams in this game is going to be minuscule compared to what it would be in real life. Everyone is going to be able to generate offense in this, even if some teams will do so far more easily than others. But there will be teams that aren't good defensively.

- Fit is the single most important thing to me. Again, the talent gaps here are tiny. The fit gaps are enormous. We're not building fantasy teams here. If I vote for a team to win this game, it's because I think it would beat the others on the court, in real games.

- On that note, I account for personalities. If you have five dudes in your starting lineup who were all alphas, that counts for something. Chemistry matters. I want teams where players will be comfortable in their roles.

Let's roll.

1. G1: I was skeptical of MJ and Malone at first. MJ's not really a pick and roll player, there are definitely better stars to put around him, and trading up twice with the MJ tax should have crippled this team's depth. But he nailed all three of his other starter slots. Very nice spacing with Peja and Sam Jones, who are both cool without the ball. Wallace shores up the D. I think this team needs a but more of point guard MJ (which he did for stretches in the 80's), but I really like it a lot.

2. Murph. This team is ****ing awesome and I love how it matches up with the best teams here. I really don't care that it lacks a marquee guy. Tell me what this team doesn't have? Great spacing 2-4. Great defense EVERYWHERE. Kawhi is perfectly capable of leading a late-game offense as we're seeing in these playoffs. I wish there was a bit more shot-creation in the starting five. No really elite passers here by this game's standards. I really don't care. I love this team. It's less talented than G1's but I'd probably pick it from a matchup perspective if they met up.

3. Walnuts. Gotta nail that center slot. I'd go modern, and I'm thinking of two guys who make a lot of sense. Great defense all around. Tons of space for a Stockton-modern big man PnR, but it's not a play that you have to be overly reliant on when you have Larry ****ing Bird. Ball movement with this group is going to be a delight. This is the team I'd want to watch play.

4. Switch. Man take a mulligan on Petit. Draft someone else, trade him, whatever you've gotta do. He is one of the most useless old dudes in this. What can you sell him as? Not a shooter since he played in the 50's. Probably not a defender either. Not sure what purpose he serves. The other four dudes though? Airtight. That backcourt D is legit. Nice space for Shaq to work. When you have the best offensive player for the purposes of this game and a defense that can lock down the two best perimeter players on the other side, you're going to go far.

5. RedRum. There are matchups this team is going to struggle in, but holy **** the transition fun of Wilt rebounding and those three athletes running the floor together is gonna be nice. Shooting 1-4, and Wilt is goddamn Wilt.

6. UTB. Sign me the **** up for a KG-Walton frontcourt. Sign me up again for those passers working with a smart cutter like Chauncey and a super athlete like Gervin. Love the defense. I do wonder about Chauncey and Artest on the same team after the malice, but Chauncey's a mature dude.

7. Valade. Kidd and Dr. J in transition would be a joy to watch. But yea, color me disappointed in that Admiral trade. I LOVED the fit of Robinson and Dirk. Kidd was a nice third with them. Just needed shooters on the perimeter and you were set. This team is more muddled now. I'm not sure what it is in the halfcourt offensively. The Dwight-bola virus is already infecting this team, and Kidd's kind of a dick too. Overtrading is death in this game. Valade did it.

This concludes the interesting portion of the list. The rest of you? Eh. I could really take or leave what you did.

8. Richie. Offense would be a joy to watch. Not sure what's going on defensively here though.

9. Wrench. Love the Wade-Hakeem duo. Hardaway is totally redundant. Not enough outside shooting.

10. TO. Pretty neat little team. Harden and Love together is yukky thinks it takes away Harden's only hiding spot (the post). Neither Ewing nor Love are really PnR big men either so that hurts the Harden fit. I like West with Harden though. West-Harden-Ewing is just such a talented trio that I'm willing to overlook other issues.

11. McHale and Robinson are redundant. Not enough shooting. I do like the idea of Oscar with Robinson though. I think they'd enjoy each other.

12. L+G. If you're gonna do the Draymond thing in this game, and I'm not morally opposed to it, you have to pair him with a center who fits the Shaq criteria. But I'm sorry, Draymond with a 6'9'' center is death in this game. I liked the Harden-Curry fit a lot by the way. Sort of wish you'd seen it through. Just the thought of Curry running around screens while Harden probed really excited me, and you Draymond's ability to cover space helps his defensive issues a lot. You can still run some Curry off ball stuff with Manu, but he doesn't warp the defense in nearly the same way.

13. Shammy. I guess I just wish this team was more athletic. If you're building a Magic team in this, own it and go full fast break. Hondo ran a lot in Boston, but I just don't see a team here that's suited for his strengths.

14. Chisox. Another team I'd love to watch. Nash-Mullin-Kemp breaks would be hoops porn. Grant Hill is redundant though. Defense is bad. But this is the rare offense that has that great transition element while also really having the halfcourt anchor. ****ing Kareem is on this team. Would play a lot of 145-140 games.

15. TO. Elgin Baylor is on the bench. You're doing this wrong. If you constructed a team in which you think it makes sense to have Elgin Baylor on the bench, then break up that team and rebuild it so that Elgin Baylor is no longer on the bench. And stop with the 2k Ratings. Everyone in this game has a high 2k rating.

16. DHop. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The **** are Kobe and Giannis doing on the same team? They make zero sense together. What is Giannis do while Kobe jab steps? Kobe's gonna chill in the corner while Giannis attacks the basket? You're damn sure not running any effective pick-and-roll on a team with Rodman and an unnamed center. Enjoy three men standing between the ball-handler and the basket. Mark Price is the saving grace here.

17. Dunk. I'm not sure what Penny and Moncrief are supposed to do while CP3 dribbles.

18. Matter. Space is important.

19. L4. I'm not sure what this team is or what it's trying to be. What is the goal here?

20. Soxtober. I had to look at this roster for a full minute just to figure out who the high picks were.

05-30-2019, 03:42 AM
Note these are my opinions, and they are probably wrong. But here we go:

Finals contenders:

UTB - 9.5/10

PG: Mike Conley | Kyrie Irving
SG: Dwyane Wade | Sam Jones | Bradley Beal
SF: Shane Battier | Bruce Bowen
PF: Kevin Garnett | Paul Milsap
C: Bill Walton

KG and Walton would be just phenomenal passing and I believe this team should run offensively through the high/low post. Both are also capable of stepping out for jumpers to give Wade room to drive. Also like the call to start Conley over Kyrie as I think he fits the lineup better, and Kyrie would make a great second unit leading scorer. Defense will be amazing, though I'd probably start Bowen over Battier but that's personal preference and both are doing the same role in that spot anyway. Great trio and great team around them.

Wrench - 9.0/10

PG: Derek Harper | Nate McMillan
SG: Kobe Bryant | Raja Bell
SF: Bobby Jones | Dan Majerle
PF: Chris Bosh | Larry Nance
C: Hakeem Olajuwon | Marcus Camby

Kobe/Hakeem pairing is just great, and I wonder how they'd compare to Kobe/Shaq. Bosh next to Hakeem is a good fit as well as Bosh can step out when Hakeem goes in and vice versa. Also defensively Bosh is best when defending the PnR in space and he has Hakeem to cover the paint for him. Bench is a mix of good pieces and pieces that don't seem to have much of a purpose. I wonder how Bobby Jones would handle the more athletic SFs of today, but then again I'd wonder how he would handle the bigger PFs if he were there, so it's damned if you do, damned if you don't. Bottom line is he's a great defender that will bring value there, though I think you probably need more shooting around Kobe/Hakeem (but I'm betting that's what Bell and Majerle are for).

Conference Finals contenders:

Dunkapolooza - 8.5/10

PG: Chauncey Billups | Paul Westphal
SG: Sidney Moncrief | Victor Oladipo
SF: Shawn Marion | Marques Johnson
PF: Willis Reed | Clifford Robinson
C: Tim Duncan | Jerry Lucas

Love the defense on this team. 3 Finals MVPs bring a ton of clutch play as well. I always wondered who would play Duncan at C but he has the perfect compliment in Reed as an undersized C. They can interchange at PF/C. Bench is full of quality older guys but the only major concern here is the 3-point shooting. Billups is nice but Marion is a career 33% shooter, which is good but not great. But it's more about the bench. I know Lucas could hit the 3, but will anybody else buy it? Swap some bench pieces for more floor spacers.

Greatness One - 8.5/10

PG: Deron Williams | Lou Williams
SG: Michael Jordan | Jeff Hornacek
SF: Ron Artest | Steve Smith
PF: Karl Malone | Elton Brand
C: Bob Lanier | Marc Gasol

Obviously MJ but Artest is a lesser Scottie Pippen there defensively, creating a great combo. I like Deron Williams with Karl Malone a lot. He was great at the pick and roll with Boozer and now he has perhaps the greatest big man at the PnR in Malone. Also gives their offense something else besides hand the ball to MJ. Hornacek and Smith are good off the bench as floor spacers for MJ to get space to work, but I do wonder what happens to Deron/Malone when MJ goes to work and what they plan to do when they run a PnR.

AI - 8.0/10

PG: Oscar Robertson | Tiny Archibald
SG: Manu Ginobili | Doug Christie
SF: Jimmy Butler | Toni Kukoc
PF: Chris Webber | Robert Horry
C: David Robinson | DeAndre Jordan

This is perhaps the most talented starting lineup top to bottom. The passing between Big O, Manu, C-Webb would be great. Big O and Manu running PnR with D-Rob would be great. The bench is Tiny and role players who are uninspiring. The bench is as not talented as the starting unit is. Nitpicking but the starting lineup could probably use more 3pt shooting, though Butler is decent (34%) and even though he never shot any, I think Big O would be a good 3pt shooter considering he was an 85.5% FT shooter in his prime.

TO - 8.0/10

PG: Jerry West | Kemba Walker
SG: James Harden | Kyle Korver
SF: Andrei Kirilenko | Khris Middleton
PF: Pau Gasol | David West
C: Patrick Ewing | Clint Capela

Team has too many current players, but that aside it is a great team. Harden and Ewing have the choker label,, but pairing them with West, one of the most clutch playoff performers ever, and Pau was good move. Team has nice mix of defense and offense. West can shoot next to Harden or take over play making when Harden is not. Pau/Ewing is a good fit and can swap high/low post duties offensively. Team does need more 3pt shooting around Harden, which is where Korver/Middleton come in.

Redrum - 8.0/10

PG: Terry Porter | Micheal Ray Richardson
SG: Paul George | Hersey Hawkins
SF: Tracy McGrady | Dale Ellis
PF: Draymond Green | Dave Cowens
C: Wilt Chamberlain | Nikola Jokic

Lots of length on the wings, and Green would be especially potent next to Wilt here. I think Lillard has passed Terry Porter as a PG in terms of talent, but Porter mixes well here to be a facilitator who can play off ball for PG and T-Mac and also shoot 3's. I do wonder if T-Mac, Wilt and PG can coexist going long periods seeing the others work, but you can question that to an extent for all teams in this. Already said L+G has the best bench, but this is in serious consideration. Jokic would be great, Cowens is an MVP and Ellis and Hawkins were great shooters.

2nd Round Contenders:

Murph - 7.5/10

PG: Walt Frazier | Mike Bibby
SG: Klay Thompson | Joe Johnson
SF: Kawhi Leonard | Adrian Dantley
PF: Rasheed Wallace | Serge Ibaka
C: Dikembe Mutombo | Karl Anthony-Towns

This team is the ultimate test of whether defense and fit can defeat superior talent, as it lacks the top end talent of other contenders but is just near perfectly built. All the players were great and more importantly smart defenders. Team has great 3pt shooting and can run all kinds of fun offensive sets. My only concern is how heavy a load Kawhi will have to carry being the best player offensively for this team. He's doing it IRL, but could he do it in an All-Time game? Dantley and Towns off the bench help in this regard. Great team fit wise.

Switch - 7.5/10

PG: Gary Payton | Jason Terry
SG: Michael Cooper | Allan Houston
SF: Paul Pierce
PF: Bob Pettit | Horace Grant
C: Shaquille O'Neal | AC Green

Pierce and GP are great pieces next to Shaq, and he has enough shooting to space for Shaq to work down low. Pettit is odd because I'm not sure how he fits (and I don't think anybody is). In terms of backup bigs it's role players to I assume fit around Shaq and Pettit if one is out. Will be a tough defensive match-up for any team, but I feel like there is a drop off in talent after the the first 3-4 guys. It comes off as an actual NBA team talent-wise and it probably needs to upgrade to win.

Dhop - 7.5/10

PG: Steph Curry | Alvin Robertson
SG: Brandon Roy | Jrue Holiday
SF: David Thompson | Rip Hamilton
PF: Giannis Antetokounmpo | Buck Williams
C: Artis Gilmore | Rudy Gobert

Curry and Giannis is an interesting combo. I'm curious what kind of action this team runs. Roy and Giannis are best with the ball in their hands and I fear Curry gets relegated to ancillary shooter here. The fast break with Curry/Thompson/Giannis will be great, though in the half court Giannis, Thompson and Roy are best when going to the hoop and Gilmore does not have a ton of range and could muck things up. Love the bench pieces as they each bring something their starting counterpart lacks, so they can definitely help match-ups.

ChiSox - 7.5/10

PG: Steve Nash | Sam Cassell
SG: Chris Mullin | Tony Allen
SF: Grant Hill | Lamar Odom
PF: Shawn Kemp | Al Horford
C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | Joakim Noah

The more I look at this team the more I like it. It leaned into it's fast-break Nash based offense perfectly. Kareem has plenty of experience in that offense and can be the centerpiece of the half court offense when needed. Nash/Kemp is just a great pairing for PnR and fast breaks and Mullin shooting and Hill's driving ability are great here too. I love that the bench is filled with grittier defensive players as well who can come in because that's this team's biggest problem. Nash/Mullin is a disaster waiting to happen defensively.

Raps08-09 - 7.25/10

PG: Kyle Lowry | Tony Parker
SG: Elgin Baylor | Eddie Jones
SF: Kevin Durant | Luol Deng
PF: Anthony Davis | Detlef Schrempf
C: Nate Thurmond | Wes Unseld

I wonder how much better the KD/AD combo will look in 10 years? As is it's still a beastly combo. Thurmond is also a great defensive anchor for AD and can guard the other teams top big man if need be. Baylor and KD have sort of similar ball dominance playing style, so I'm curious what he does when the other has the ball. Also Baylor played PF back then, and while he could probably get away with SG due to his athleticism, I wonder what the plan is defensively. Team is one move away from shooting up the rankings.

First Round exit:

Shammy - 7.0/10

PG: Magic Johnson | Mookie Blaylock
SG: John Havlicek | Michael Finley
SF: Glen Rice | Gerald Wallace
PF: Bill Laimbeer | Blake Griffin
C: Alonzo Mourning | Vlade Divac

Nice team but I felt could have done more to maximize the fast break offense with Magic. I'd probably start Griffin over Laimbeer just for the fast break and lob opportunities. Hondo is a great defender and the team did get some good bench pieces to plug in problem areas they have. Zo is good but what do they do in the half-court here? It seems like they tried to build to play both on the break and in the half-court but both came up as a little short.

Matter - 7.0/10

PG: Kevin Johnson | Derrick Rose
SG: Clyde Drexler |
SF: Andre Iguodala | Rashard Lewis
PF: Elvin Hayes | Antawn Jamison
C: Moses Malone

Talented team that needs 3pt shooting badly. Iggy is the best 3pt shooter in the starting lineup at 33% and Clyde is at 32%. I know you had said you like KJ's facilitating and he is great at that, but offensively what does he need to facilitate? The offense seems like it's heavily predicated on Hayes and Moses post ups. Derrick Rose is a great bench piece and I wonder how the dynamic changes when he starts.

L+G - 7.0/10

PG: Chris Paul | Mark Price
SG: Vince Carter | Dennis Johnson
SF: Dave DeBusschere | Alex English
PF: Kevin McHale | Jack Sikma
C: Ben Wallace | Tyson Chandler

A team with a lot of depth but doesn't seem to have an identity at the moment. Great defensive starting unit and the bench is the best in the entire game. I do wonder how they plan to play. CP3 likes to slow it down and play half-court and obviously Vince likes to run. I don't know who they plan to build their game plan around but Big Ben and DeBuss in the starting lineup puts a lot of pressure on Vince, McHale and CP3 to score, and I think it forces CP3 to focus more on that then facilitating. Alex English helps there and the bench creates lots of possibilities.

Quinnsanity - 6.5/10

PG: Russell Westbrook | Ben Simmons
SG: Reggie Miller | Danny Green
SF: Scottie Pippen | Tayshaun Prince
PF: Kevin Love | Sam Perkins
C: Bill Russell | Andrew Bogut

I do love this team's make-up, this is just an incredibly deep league this year. Reggie, Pippen and Love are all great offensive players who will also defer and allow Westy to do what he does best (hopefully within reason). Nice mix of shooting and defense to go around Westy's drives. The bench looks like he tried to find the same players as their starters, so I don't know if he rotates it or just brings them all out to have a lesser version of his starters for 10 minutes a game.

Richiesaurus - 6.5/10

PG: Damian Lillard | Maurice Cheeks
SG: Ray Allen | Latrell Sprewell
SF: Rick Barry | Dominique Wilkins
PF: LeBron James | LaMarcus Aldridge
C: Robert Parish | Mark Eaton

The offense is just a perfect LeBron team. 3-point shooters and spacers all around Bron but also players who can create on their own when Bron needs a break. It will be fun watching this vintage offense role. The problem is defensively. The bench has good defensive pieces but it's the trade-off with shooting when they play. An offense built around LeBron and a defense built around LeBron is putting a lot on Bron for an all-time. Nique off the bench is a great scorer when Bron and Barry rest.

LJ4toplay - 6.0/10

PG: Isiah Thomas
SG: Earl Monroe | Drazen Petrovic
SF: Bernard King | Carmelo Anthony
PF: Charles Barkley | Larry Johnson
C: Yao Ming | Amare Stoudemire

This is going to sound very positive for rating you so low, but you have done a very good job for being skipped in R1 and for this being your first time. Turning Klay into Charles was excellent and your team is definitely very talented. It's only problem however is gaping: it is a defensive turnstile. Barkley/Amare/King/Melo/Monroe/Drazen were not known for playing great D and even Yao and Isiah needed other defensive minded players to bring out the best in them. That being said, I hope you continue playing because you really impressed me given your situation. A few trades for some more defensive minded players could have you shooting up this list.

Soxtober - 5.5/10

PG: Allen Iverson | Penny Hardaway
SG: George Gervin | Pete Maravich
SF: Peja Stojokavic | Byron Scott
PF: Dennis Rodman | James Worthy
C: Joel Embiid | Arvydas Sabonis

Traded away talent but the team still has pieces. Not a bad go for your first time and not knowing the intricacies of the game. Team seems like a collection of players at this point and I'd love to read a write-up of how you plan to run your offense. AI, Gervin, Pete and Penny seem like a lot of guys who like the ball in their hands. You have among the best benches in the game with Worthy, Sabonis and Penny. With some trading (which I understand is on the way), this team could get more of an identity.

05-30-2019, 01:12 PM
Power Rankings

Hakeem Olajuwon / Marcus Camby
Chris Bosh / Larry Nance
Bobby Jones / Dan Majerle
Kobe Bryant / Raja Bell
Derek Harper / Nate McMillan


I really enjoy this teams makeup, having Kobe paired with two offensive bigs is a proven formula that has worked. KobE/Hakeem is a excellent duo... I'm not sure Bobby Jones is a SF, they have lack of shooting and Chris Bosh has proven he cannot play with another big man, especially one who needs the ball as much as Hakeem, so unless we're going to make Bosh a 3pt shooter, there's a huge lack of spacing that's killing this team. that PnR offense would be sweet though and this team will be hard to beat.

C: Bill Walton
PF: Kevin Garnett - Paul Milsap
SF: Shane Battier - Bruce Bowen
SG: Dwyane Wade - Sam Jones - Brad Beal
PG: Mike Conley - Kyrie Irving


At first glance you see a awesome trio of Wade, KG, Walton but if you look deeper into this team, you start to see the flaws, with Wade jacking up 25shots, KG shooting 20+ and Walton shooting 20 shots, you can see where this team is top heavy and it won't leave shots for anyone else on this offense.. Walton/KG form a excellent front court defensively and probably the strongest in this game atm. I'm not too sure what Conley is going to do as he's a extremely high usage rate player but is a better option than Kyrie.. I think a minor move needs to be made for a off ball shooting PG. Overall this is a nice team but has flaws that a defensive perimeter team will easily be able to exploit. Solid team though but noone is believing they will get 100+ shots a game.. the top teams nowadays only get about 90.

PG: Gary Payton/Jason Terry
SG: Michael Cooper/Alan Houston
SF: Paul Pierce/AC Green
PF: Bob Pettit/Horace Grant
C: Shaquille Oneal


I love how you started this draft acquiring Shaq/Payton/Pierce and Cooper.... but you completely lost me at Petit, talk about a HUGE weakness, he's almost undraftable in these games and teams with a strong PF will easily be able to exploit you running Pick n Rolls were Shaq is very uncomfortable. You were on pace to winning this game but fell flat on your face with Petit, overall this is a very good team and will be a tough out, but if you want to win this thing, you need to figure out another solution than start Petit.

Steve Nash/Sam Cassell
Chris Mullin/Tony Allen
Grant Hill/Lamar Odom
Shawn Kemp/Al Horford
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Joakim Noah


Holy smokes what a offense!! This team would be extremely fun to watch getting up and down the court. KAJ/Nash is one of the best duo's in this game but where you're falling flat is defensively... KAJ can play some interior defense but who's guarding any of the All-time perimeter players? you can't stop one let alone teams with 2 perimeter scorers.. I think wa move for a defensive wing should be a priority, you're one great trade away from being the favorite in this game. Fantastic offense but meh defense.

G: Terry Porter - Fat Lever
SG: Paul George - Hersey Hawkins
SF: Tracy McGrady - Dale Ellis
PF: Draymond Green - Dave Cowens
C: Wilt Chamberlain - Nikola Jokic


This is one of the sleeper teams in this game, they have no glaring weaknesses... the only major flaw is noone on this team has led their team to a title, sure as role players but notone player has proven they can will their team to the promise land. I think you will be a major spoiler for a lot of teams, and players should want to avoid matching up with you but once we get deeper into the matchups, this team might end up flaring out. Overall fantastic built team and definitely a team to keep an eye for...

G: Walt Frazier/Mike Bibby
SG: Klay Thompson/Adrian Dantley
SF: Kawhi Leonard/Joe Johnson
PF: Rasheed Wallace/Sege Ibaka
C: Dikembe Mutombo/KAT


I'm bumping this team up soley because of Kawhi Leonard, not only is he one of the few rare wing players to win Back 2 Back DPOY, the guy is elevating his game this year as the best player in the world. I like the pieces you surrounded him with but I think one major mistake is not having the 2 punch, sure we can say Klay or Walt both good role players but I think you made a mistake giving up Barkley, he and Kawhi would be brilliant together add in Frazier and you're the favorite in this game. Overall great job building this team and should be able to win a few rounds, depending on matchups.

PG: Jason Kidd/Tim Hardaway
SG: Mitch Richmond/Gilbert Arenas
SF: Julius Erving/ Mark Aguirre
PF: Dirk Nowitzki/Jermaine O’Neal
C: Dwight Howard/Brad Daugherty


Well this would be fun to watch, you put together a solid bench, but hard to buy Agent 0 off then bench as a effective scorer... the combination of Kidd/Dr J/Dirk would run most teams off the floor, I like Howard but I think you should have stuck to your original plan of Dirk/Drob who complemented each other brilliantly. Dwight/Dirk is still nice but the lack of offense Howard bring other than Lobs hurts, good thing you have a great PG to set them up all day. Good overall team and should be able to win a few rounds but if you want to win this thing, you will need a major move.

G: Magic Johnson - Mookie Blaylock
G: John Havlicek - Michael Finley
F: Glen Rice - Gerald Wallace
F: Bill Laimbeer - Blake Griffin
C: Alonzo Mourning - Vlade Divac


Pretty nice team all around, I think what's killing you is you're too old school, I love old school basketball myself but need to mix in more current talent. Glen Rice is a brilliant shooter and I like the idea of Magic/Mourning but overall I just can't see this team making a deep run without a major trade, maybe send a message to one of the other teams that also needs a shake up to make a run to win this game. great job putting together this team though, would be fun to watch.

PG: Chauncey Billups/Paul westphal
SG: Sidney Moncrief/Bob Dandridge
SF: Shawn Marion/Marquees Johnson
PF: Willis Reed/Clifford Robinson
C: Tim Duncan/Jerry Lucas


You look at this team and you can dig it initially, You see the defensive perimeter with Squid/Billups/Matrix, you can buy Reed/Duncan as a big man duo, Duncan has proven he can play with another big man next to him but that's where it stops... one of the best defensive teams in this game but where's the offense coming from? all of these guys proven they cannot shoot the 3, spacing is going to kill you in this game and the lack of not having a real #2 punch to go with Duncan, you should inquire about Tony Parker, as it will help make your team more fluid. Overall great defensive team but your Achilles heal is not going to be able to keep up with some of these teams offensively.

Oscar Robertson
Manu Ginobili
Jimmy Butler
Chris Webber
David Robinson


You did a good job putting together a decent team all around with the flurry of trades you made but it looks like you got a bunch of bridesmaids and not 1 bride... Not one player in this has led their team to a title or even a deep playoff run... overall a good decent team but that's where it stops, you will need to make more trades so you can land a top player. overall good team and I am sure you had a a lot of fun making trade after trade lol

PG: Jerry West - Kemba Walker
SG: James Harden - Kyle Korver
SF: Andrei Kirilenko - Khris Middleton
PF: Pau Gasol - David West
C: Patrick Ewing - Clint Capela


Man was hoping you paired some of these guys with tough, hard nosed players, this looks like the All-Soft team, charmin baby pampers. Harden chokes, West choked, Ewing Choked, Pau can't get aout the first round without Kobe, it's a nice looking team on paper but when you match up with some of these other tough teams, you look as soft as baby butts. I see what you were going for in this team but you missed the boat on grabbing some great defenders.

C: Nate Thurmond/Wes Unseld
PF: Anthony Davis/Deflet Schempf
SF: Kevin Durant/Luol Deng
SG: Elgin Baylor/Eddie Jones
PG: Kyle Lowry/Tony Parker


The skinny squad, AD/Durant/Baylor together probably weigh less than 500lbs lol this is a good team all around and would love to see what AD/KD would do together but what in the hell are you doing starting Lowry over a proven winner like Tony Parker? Not only is he a proven winner but he has proven time and time again he flourishes with big men, I think you're too hyped right now and 100% need to swap Parker into the starting lineup. Not a bad team overall though but stop with the 2k ratings lol and oh yea....

lets go

PG: Steph Curry/Alvin Robertson
SG: Brandon Roy/Jrue Holiday/
Sf: David Thompson/Rip Hamilton
pf: Giannis Antetokounmpo/buck Williams
C:Artis Gilmore/ Rudy Gobert


this team confuses me, I don't see Giannis guarding any of these all time great bigs, he could barely handle the Raptors and Kawhi, I think your team would have looked better if the Bucks made the Finals but Giannis got completely exploited and as the "2nd" best player on your team, I just can't buy it... it's a good team all around but probably a early exit, I would still consider making a move and shaking it up a little bit..

PG Damian Lillard | Maurice Cheeks
SG Ray Allen | Latrell Sprewell
SF Rick Barry | Dominique Wilkins
PF LeBron James | LaMarcus Aldridge
C Robert Parish | Mark Eaton


I just don't get why you would try and start Lebron at PF, when he's the best SF of all time... Surround him with shooters and a legit #2 and you're talking a favorite here, I like the Ray Allen piece on the wing and Dame has shown he can take turns but has yet to prove he can carry a team, this team just missed the mark for me and good try though all around, just would like to have seen a proven formula around Lebron... I think Parish can count as your 70's guy, I would consider making a move for a stretch 4 and moving LBJ to SF.

PG: Chris Paul / Mark Price
SG: Vince Carter / Dennis Johnson
SF: Dave DeBusschere / Alex English
PF: Kevin McHale / Jack Sikma
C: Ben Wallace / Tyson Chandler


love the two defensive C, really like VC on the wing but I think you know where you made the mistake but giving up a top tier #1rd talent for a bunch of role players, good depth but at this point, you're just playing for fun. I like how you always make different teams, so I would imagine this team won't be the same in a few hours.

C: Moses Malone
PF: Elvin Hayes / Antawn Jamison
SF: Andre Iguodala / Rashard Lewis
SG: Clyde Drexler
PG: Kevin Johnson / Derrick Rose

I know we all get carried away with shooting but who in this starting lineup is going to spread the floor or even score at a high efficient rate? this is a good overall team and not trying to bash but just not a contender in any sort of means, most like a early exit team.

The rest of the teams are new players, LJ did a great job building his team by being skipped the entire 1st round of talent, somehow came away with Barkley, that killed Murphs team. Sox has done a good job playing this game too, I think he's learning the ropes more this time around and would be watching out for both of these guys next time around when building their teams, I don't see them making the same mistakes as this time. Good job guys and don't get discouraged.