View Full Version : Are Kyrie, Hayward & Tatum the Cause of Danny Ainge's Heart Attack?

LaVar Ball
05-03-2019, 11:26 AM
Wishing Ainge a speedy recovery

But you can't tell me this wasn't stress induced.

Kyrie has been a bipolar nutcase, a horrible leader. He is the guy that Ainge traded away the loyal Isaiah Thomas (after the death of his sis) for, and he most likely will bolt this summer.

Hayward was given a max contract in the summer of 2018 and the first game he broke his leg, and he hasn't gotten back to Utah Jazz Gordon Hayward version.

Tatum is supposed to be the Messiah, either the Celtics great next superstar, or centerpiece of a trade package to land Anthony Davis this summer. He's been dubbed as the greatest young prospect, and he himself has been dubbed as greater than Kuz/Ingram/Ball combined when it comes to which trade package is more attractive for other teams. And yet n 6 games of these playoffs, he's averaging 27 mpg, 4.6 ppg, 30% from the field, and 0% from 3.

Ainge can lose his current superstar in free agency, Tatum's trade value isn't all that great to land AD, and there's 3 more max years left of paying Gordon Hayward.

No wonder the guy's health is deteriorating.

The Celtics seem to be mired in mediocrity and basketball purgatory.


05-03-2019, 12:34 PM
Troll thread is obvious troll thread.

05-03-2019, 12:49 PM
Didn't he have a heart attack several years ago, before those guys were in the NBA?

05-03-2019, 05:16 PM
So when you create threads like this what are you aiming for? Itís clearly not any semblance of a real conversation. Is trying to troll people really that fun for you? Is there nothing better you could be doing with your time?

05-03-2019, 05:47 PM
Ainge had an episode about 8-10 years ago.

Tatum was brilliant in the playoffs as a rookie, his value is still sky high.

Celtics are hardly mediocre, and you're hardly a legit fan.

05-03-2019, 06:06 PM
There was a thread for Lebrun and tye lue that got shut down a few years ago. I'm surprised this one is still up. but at the same time it's kinda what I expect. Lack of mods and they need all the views they can get.