View Full Version : Should the Grizzlies retire Conley + both Gasols Jerseys(possibly TA too)?

01-23-2019, 03:38 PM
The laymen respond with "they didn't win ****" but I like to think that we here at PSD are far too savvy for that nonsense. We all know it's a combination of factors that decide when a team retires a Jersey. Its not just the ultimate winners who see their names hang high(tho the Celtics lead that brigade, with the Blazers taking their one chip to the extreme). Sometimes teams just want to enrich their history and tradition. The Hawks retired Dekes number despite never touching a conference Finals and being there like 5 years but he gave them a rebirth of sorts, one they they hadn't really had since the Nique days.

Some teams have experienced such long lulls or simply never had any sort of sustained excellence that the standard is different (not lower). My Clippers for example, I'm pretty sure both CP3 AND Blake will get retired sheerly for breaking us out of laughing stock level.

Some players were simply too popular that any sort of affiliation is justifiable, the New Orleans Pelicans retired Pistol Pete despite him playing for the wrongly apt Jazz. His retiring only makes sense so long as they remain in New Orleans.

So looking at this 90s expansion team, a team with literally no names hanging from the rafters, wouldn't it make sense to honor these 3? I think they're no brainers to the point where I would be open to retiring Tony Allen, he was exploited by the best teams but he really checked KD when they embarrassed the thunder and that whole crew had sustained success playing a refreshingly different style of play.

Pau never won a single playoff game so the hardcore purists might not like him but he was in all likelihood their best player ever. What he lacks in longevity he makes up for abit in peak performance and kicking off the Grizzlies initial bout of success. He won ROY the year MJ was dumb enough to take Kwame, it took 2 years but when Jerry West hired Hubie Brown, the team finally tasted a 50 win season. A large part of that was Paus selfless approach, not too many stars would be ok playing 31mpg, his early teams really showed the limitations of depth come playoffs. He only made 1 All Star selection but the early west was deep at the forward spot, all time he sports the highest PER , holds single season blocks, PER, Defensive and overall Win Shares. He trails only Conley and lil bro in cumulative WS.

Conley and Gasol are clearly the mainstays, by far number 1 and 2 in games played and just about everything else. Their Grizz broke out by bullying Duncan and Pop in the first round. Pushing the Big 3 Thunder to 7. They had an underrated rivalry with the Clips, made the Conference Finals and developed a reputation for being a team that would leave you vulnerable in the coming rounds due to their physicality. Conley has famously never made an allstar game but we all know he deserved some of Klays and the west guards are deep

ZBo? Loses brownie points for not being drafted but had a heavy hand in their bully ball formula.

Who's in?

01-23-2019, 04:12 PM
By traditional measures, not Pau, only there a handful of years. same goes for Tony Allen. However, the franchise lacks history so who knows. Marc, probably yes; ZBo probably next.

I see that Memphis already announced that they will be retiring Tony and Zach's numbers... again, makes sense due to lack of history.