View Full Version : How do you feel about the league's new betting partnership with MGM Resorts?

08-01-2018, 01:11 AM

NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced on Tuesday that the league has reached a deal with MGM Resorts to make the company its official “gaming partner,” according to reports from The Associated Press and Darren Rovell and David Purdum of ESPN.com.

MGM Resorts will pay the league for official data, which will be used in determining outcomes of bets. MGM will also gain the ability to use NBA highlights, names, logos, and the league’s direct data feed. Plus, MGM will be able to market itself as the official gaming partner of the NBA and WNBA.

According to Rovell and Purdum, industry sources say the three-year agreement will be worth over $25MM.

The partnership arrives in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that overturned America’s federal ban on sports gambling. While most states have yet to take formal steps to legalize sports betting, more and more states are expected to do so in the coming years. MGM’s sports betting app will be available in states that approve online sports betting.

While the agreement won’t stop other gaming companies from taking bets on NBA games, the direct data feed from the league figures to improve the live-betting product for MGM, since the company won’t have to rely on third-party data.

Silver and the NBA have talked in the past about wanting to institute an “integrity fee” on legalized sports gambling, which would give the league a small percentage of the money bet on its games. It’s not clear if the NBA’s agreement with MGM features any such fee, per ESPN’s report. The idea of an “integrity fee” has been strongly opposed by bookmakers and state legislators.I have mixed feelings. I don't want any integrity concerns to tarnish the product. I think the league has finally recovered from the point-shaving/fixing-games referee scandal, yet some fans still question the authenticity of games and quality officiating. We even had a sticky'd thread about the refs this past season. Sometimes, I raise an eyebrow at some calls that change the outcome.

Does anyone here bet on the games?

More money for the league is good, but I think it could cause problems too or pressure/attention the NBA wouldn't want. They already have to appease the big TV companies and owners.

Lakers + Giants
08-01-2018, 03:11 AM
I bet on NBA games.

I'm a laker fan.

Laker's have benefitted in the past (Donaghy).

I like it.

08-02-2018, 03:04 PM
NBA already had a good relationship with MGM with the Summer League so I am ok with MGM making this partnership. I figure it's going to happen and since NBA and MGM had good working relationship then why not. In regards to the point shaving incident (brings back memories with the movie Goodfellas), I worry that might happen also in some sort of way. I think it was the Goodfellas group that originally did it. Not the actors LOL. MGM is owned by the Armenian mafia, so there you go.