View Full Version : Championship Window for Eastern Conference Teams

04-05-2018, 12:01 AM
Iím mostly interested in hearing peopleís takes for the Cavaliers and Raptors. Not specifically whether or not they can win a championship, but if they can make it out of the ECF.

I think the Raptors are primed for a Finals run this year with injuries on the Celtics and the Cavaliers and some weird problems in Cleveland all season long. But after this season how much longer do they have with Boston and Philly competing at such a high level?

And the Cavaliers...well the big question for them is whether or not Bron returns. If not, does that effectively close the window? But if he returns how many more seasons of weird locker room issues and such can they put up with and still be contenders?

04-05-2018, 01:37 AM
Raps are built for right now. By right now I mean the next 3 years to win. They have the deepest team in the East. Not a lot of bad contracts outside of Ibaka. Their star players have to start playing like star players. If they do, they'll beat the Cavs. They've got young role players, but they don't have any young stars in the wings. Lowry is 32 and he's showing signs of slowing down. Derozan is 29 and he's got like 4-5 years left but he's also maxed out and what you see is what you get. They've got to win while Siakam, OG, Van Vleet and Poetl are on these rookie contracts.