View Full Version : 1st Round NBA Mock Draft-#4 Overall Selection

03-27-2018, 07:24 AM
If the season were to end today, who would you have the Orlando Magic take with the Fourth Overall Pick in the NBA Draft? At least 5 Votes to move on. (or 2 days)

1. Phoenix Suns- DeAndre Ayton

2. Memphis Grizzlies- Luka Dončić

3. Atlanta Hawks- Marvin Bagley

4. Orl

5. Dal

6. Cle

7. Sac

8. Chi

9. Ny

10. Phi

11. Cha

12. Lac

13. Lac

14. Den

15. Phx

16. Phx

17. Was

18. Uta

19. Ind

20. Atl

21. Phi

22. Chi

23. Sa

24. Min

25. Lal

26. Por

27. Bos

28. Bkn

29. Gs

30. Atl

03-27-2018, 07:36 AM
I'd personally swing for the fences with this pick if I were the Magic and take Trae Young. I really like him but it seems like a lot of other people are turned off by his size. I think he could be the next Curry and the Magic definitely need guard help, otherwise I'd have suggested Porter, who is a better player than Young in just about all facets of the game other than shooting and maybe playmaking, but the Magic need a young PG imo