View Full Version : Home-stretch Storylines

02-23-2018, 12:00 PM
Figured this could be an interesting topic; but I also know that many of the topics here already have threads created.

I'll start off:

1.) Kawhi apparently at odds with front office
2.) Mark Cuban has gone rogue; knew about the beat writer situation after denying that he didn't; we hear about one owner in the NBA so I have to imagine other owners are tired of his ********
3.) Success of OKC down the stretch: if they do well, George likely stays and causes a ripple down effect with other FA's
4.) Seeding in the East:

Cavs new acquistions: do they play well enough to keep lebron?
Celtics on a cold-streak before All-star break; do they get it together
Bucks with Prunty: do they continue to excel?

5.) 7 team race for the #1 odds in the lottery!
6.) GSW and HOU: Does it really matter who gets the 1 seed out west?
7.) Teams in big markets that need to tank but are currently in a bit of a friendzone: Looking at you lakers, knicks

02-23-2018, 01:04 PM
Sixers with the easiest schedule remaining in the NBA and charging up the standings, playing for a shot at home court 1st round in the playoffs. Should be fun to watch to see if they can pull it off, as they’re only getting better and better. As the teams that “rebuilt the right way” while the Sixers tanked, like Orlando and Phoenix, continue to falter giving no hope for their fanbases. Good for them though, they’re so honorable to rebuild the right way.