View Full Version : The Nikola Mirotic Situation

11-08-2017, 06:09 PM
Reports suggest that he initiated the altercation with Bobby Portis. He went at him more than once. Portis, with a 6'11 dude coming at him defended himself and badly injured the guy in the process.

Reports say that Portis has reached out to repair things (I assume apologize).

The team suspended Portis, but not the player who reportedly started the altercation. It seems to me that if only one player were to get suspended over this, it should be Nikola Mirotic.

Now Nikola Mirotic is apparently telling the Bulls it's him or Portis.

It seems like the Bulls have handled this about as well as they've handled everything since bringing in Floyd to replace Phil Jackson.

If I were Portis, I'd ask for a trade. And given that the players seem to support Portis, it seems like trading Nikola Mirotic is necessary.

Anybody care to fill in some gaps here? Offer thoughts?

NOTE: When Jordan punched Kerr in the face, Jordan did not get suspended. Hmm...

11-08-2017, 06:27 PM
Can they patch things up? Or one probably has to be traded eventually. Is Mirotic final year a team option? If yeah ya can have Delly or Henson for Mirotic expiring corpse. Or Vaughn or Wilson for Portis. I'd even toss in a second rounder besides Wilson or Vaughn for Portis.