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09-28-2017, 06:16 PM
Members of the PSD Community came together and participated in an All-Time NBA Redraft. They drafted, traded and signed all time players to create the best team possible. This is the 1st Round of the playoffs.

Special stipulations for this game included: No NBA or ABA MVP winners eligible. Each team had to start (and play 24 minutes) 2 players who did not play a single game after 1990. Additionally, each player is judged on the a single season/the best season of their career, as selected by the GM.

Please look at the teams and vote for which team you think would win in a 7 game series.

Team Ebbs has home court advantage for the series:

Team Ebbs:

PG: Clyde Frazier: 1971-72. All-NBA 1st, All-Defense 1st.
SG: Gail Goodrich: 1971-72. All-Star, Champion.
SF: Paul George: 2013-14. All-NBA 3rd, All-Defense 1st.
PF: Tom Chambers: 1989-90. All-NBA 2nd.
C: Alonzo Mourning: 1998-99. DPOY, MVP runner up, All-NBA 1st, All-Defense 1st.

Arvydas Sabonis 1995-96
Michael Redd 2005-06
Maurice Cheeks 1985-86
Kiki Vandeweghe 1983-84
Josh Smith 2009-10


Capsule Corp.:

C: Ben Wallace (02-03) / Ralph Sampson (83-84)
PF: Jack Sikma (81-82) / Buck Williams (87-88)
SF: Kawhi Leonard (16-17) / Glen Rice (96-97)
SG: Sam Jones (64-65) / Shane Battier (06-07)
PG: Hal Greer (67-68) /Sam Cassell (03-04)

09-29-2017, 01:57 PM
I'm glad Capsule Corp is here, was worried they'd get underrated and older starters they have.

Two of the better defense's in the game. But I think Sikma/Wallace might be the worst offensive frontcourt in the game and that's probably the killer here.

Zo was a few votes away from the MVP & DPOY in 1999... Would've put him in an elite crew with MJ & Hakeem..
Look at the earlier matchups between ZO & Ben, it's just not close overall. Zo and Ben are both 10/10 on defense in this game but Zo is a 8/9 on offense and Ben is a 1/2.. (Rudimentary way of looking at it but it's undeniable.)

And what about Sikma? How is he chasing Chambers up and down the floor? The athletic disparity is vast.

I love Kawhi Leonard and in no way am I saying him and Paul George are a wash but George makes his life difficult and I'm not relying on George to score for me the way Capsule Corp is relying on Kawhi. So though they are both tough matchups for each other, I'm less reliant on that specific matchup. Frazier and Zo can carry a lot of that load, George is my third option.

I'm also in love with my second unit. Best scorer in a one year game on either bench? Kiki. Best floor spacer? Rice or Redd, both are dope. Best player on either bench? Sabonis. Cheeks and Battier do very similar things in different roles.

Capsule Corp built a really good team but the awkward frontcourt and a tad less talent sink them here.

09-29-2017, 02:14 PM
Ebbs. I liked his team better and then the writeup made it a slam dunk.

Lakers + Giants
09-29-2017, 06:55 PM
First off, I acknowledge that Ebbs has the advantage at the pointguard position. I can't BS and try to act like my PGs will win that matchup. At SG, SF and PF I very clearly have the advantage though.

Sam Jones is underrated as hell, he was an efficient scorer while being a hound on the defensive end as well. Kawhi, yea, he's undeniably better than PG, on both ends. As for Sikma not being able to keep up with Chambers? Youre underrating Sikma's defensive capabilities, dude I can very well say Chambers won't be able to stop Sikma in the post.

As for the Ben-Zo Matchup, We all know Ben isn't going to be an offensive threat lmao, but that's what allows Ben Wallace to be so great defensively is him knowing his role and playing it as good as anyone ever did. Sure Zo was a DPOY too but they're still no where near the same defensive anchors you make it out to be. Ben's defensive #s blow Zo's out the water. While it's great to have Zo's defense, it's honestly kind of useless in this matchup where it won't be needed vs Big Ben. What are you gonna do? Put Zo on Sikma instead and hide Chambers on Ben?
I can counter with my small ball lineup, which might be even more deadly than my actual staring lineup. This small ball lineup will be used to close the game:

C: Ben Wallace
PF: Kawhi Leonard
SF: Glen Rice
SG: Sam Jones / Shane Battier
PG: Sam Cassell

This lineup wouldn't have trouble defensively as you have no PF capable of "exploiting" Kawhi's lack of size at PF. Zo's defense still won't be too much of a factor with Big Ben on the floor, you won't be able to put ZO on Kawhi like you can on Sikma and Clyde will have to decide who will go off between Cassell Sam Jones or Rice.

As for Ebb's offense. Who will be the outside threat? When Kawhi and Sam Jones / Battier are in there's literally no outside threat to worry about? Paul George is the lone outside threat while Cassell, Rice and Kawhi are all able to make the three ball effieciently at a high volume. While Ebb's team is good, I do believe my team has the strengths to exploit his weaknesses.

09-30-2017, 12:34 PM
Ebbs. I liked his team better and then the writeup made it a slam dunk.

Don't forget to vote lool

09-30-2017, 09:44 PM
Three votes in over two days? LMAO This forum is *** now.

09-30-2017, 10:13 PM
I like to wait just in case someone brings up a point I haven't thought of, but yeah the voting is really low so far for these games. each vote is really important.