View Full Version : Put Lebron in place of Wilt...does Lebron get more Rings than Wilt?

02-13-2017, 04:14 PM
In the spirit of Wilt's dominance, I was thinking of how dominant Bron is and how you can put him on any team in the league and he will make them good.

Then I started thinking...how much more dominant would he be if we sent him back in a time machine to Wilts era. How much would he effect that game.

So to the question...would Lebron if he was able to have his career start where Wilt's did instead, would Lebron have produced more rings than Wilt did?

02-13-2017, 04:22 PM
I'm not 60 years old and thus never watched Wilt play nor did I follow his career so I'm really excited to see what those who have -- I'm sure PSD is full of them! -- answer your hypothetical for you.

But I'll try anyways: I don't know.

02-13-2017, 04:25 PM
Hard to say. LeBron's game is predicated on helping others score. I don't think his teammates would be there. Centers had the easiest job of that era in that the shots were just naturally easier for them. The system was built for centers whereas LeBron has really dominated a generation of players being shooters. Not to mention that the Celtics were just much too stacked for any team to deal with. Just a completely different game. My guess would be yes but at the end of the day, it's difficult enough to compare a player of today from Jordan's era let alone from Wilt's.

02-14-2017, 02:10 PM
They didn't even have the internet back then. Those guys were sooo unathletic