View Full Version : Changes to ASG allotments

01-12-2017, 04:42 PM
Currently, the NBA allots 3 starting spots to 'front court players' and 2 to 'back court players'.

They way the game has evolved, it seems reasonable to allow 2 of each and then just grab whichever player has the fifth most votes.

Currently in the West, Westbrook is in 4th for voting, but the current allotment would mean two players with fewer votes would get in ahead of him. If this is a game for the fans, this doesn't seem right.

In the East, it's a toss up. This format would allow DM;DR to get in ahead of K-Love, but it's a little closer.

The SF/SG positions are so fluid, it seems pointless to differentiate between them, and often times the difference between a SF/PF, a PF/C and a PG/SG can be as blurry.

This isn't a conventional game. If it is for the fans, and it is about popularity, why not just let the top two vote-getters from each general position (F and G) in and whoever has the most votes, be they a F or a G, get the last starting spot?

I mean... we could just go top five voter getters, but that might lead to 5 C's or % PGs (however unlikely that scenario might be).


01-12-2017, 06:34 PM
I think it should be top 5 vote getters that start.

01-12-2017, 07:06 PM
I think it should be top 5 vote getters that start.

I like the current format where media/players also get a good chunk of the vote, which means Zaza won't make the team despite having the votes to. That said, players should not be able to vote for their teammates (which IT and other players have immaturely said is all they would do).

As far as the forwards/gaurds setup, whatever. Seems a little silly if we were running 5 PG's, but the game is a complete joke now anyway.