View Full Version : Ortiz > Yaz & Ted says Felger/Dan

09-22-2016, 09:59 PM
Not a big deal compared to the way they Sox are playing (and shaking off their crummy Manager)... but

Dan S. said yesterday that Ortiz this year is better than Yaz's '67. This of course is nonsense. Yaz's '67 is better than any Ortiz year (just era correct) - and yes ignore the rings, since it's a team game, not an individual one.

Yaz is one of the 3 best LF'ers of the past 60 years, could run the bases, and while his career batting stats are below Ortiz - Yaz's 5 best are better than Ortiz's. Oh yeah, Yaz's slash numbers in the playoffs are better than Ortiz's.

Yaz WAR 96.1 >> Ortiz 55.3

Longevity? Yaz's 4 best are better than any Ortiz year.

12,462 PA's for Yaz thru age 40, 10049 for Ortiz - doesn't explain why Yaz almost lapped David in WAR. Oh yeah take 1.6 WAR off of Yaz's total after age 40.

95.0 > 55.3 - that means David has 58.3% of the value of Yaz pre age 41 - in 80% of the PA's.

Or to make it more clear. Yaz .007623 WAR per PA, Ortiz .005503; So Ortiz has 72.2% of the value of Yaz per PA. That's the end of that nonsense.

Felger basically repeated the same nonsense and threw Ted under the bus which is umm, ridiculous.

One can appreciate what Ortiz has done without denigrating the other two. Heck, Ortiz may score another ring. Great. Ortiz is Ortiz, let the other two alone you short sighted clowns in search of ratings and the next mirror to primp in.