View Full Version : How did Kareem not make the All-Star team in 77/78?

08-14-2016, 11:05 PM
If I recall, that was the season his missed part of due to injury, and it was likely around the time of the ASG, but guys usually still get named to the team and then replaced.

That year he averaged nearly 26/13 to go along with 3 blocks and over 4 assists. Artis Gilmore (23ppg; 13rbg; 3 apg 2bpg), Maurice Lucas (16;9;2;0.8), and Bob Lanier (24;11;3.5;1.3) were the other C's on the Western AS team that year. None were as statistically impressive as Kareem. And neither the Bulls (Gilmore) nor the Pistons (Lanier) did as well as the Lakers.

Bill Walton was also on the team and won the Finals MVP the year before, and the reg sea MVP that year, so obviously he's going to be on the team, but he had a teammate who played the same position (Lucas played C and also PF).

It just seems odd that Kareem missed it that year. It would have been a nice even 20 and made him an All-Star every season he played.

Was it just the injury, or was there something else going on there?

08-15-2016, 03:55 PM
Definitely the injury, what else could it be?

The only other variable at play, possibly, would be Hondo. I cant look it up but I think it was his retirement year and the comish voted him into the All-Star game as an injury replacement. I think it was the same year