View Full Version : The Humbling Loss Factor....

06-22-2016, 10:03 AM
When you think about the top all time greats, most have had to take some humbling losses before getting greater. For example

- Magic chokes against the Celtics in '84, turning it over and even bricking free throws in money time.

-MJ literally getting beat up and bounced by the Bad Boys. Losing in the playoffs to Orlando after coming out of retirement.

- Shaq swept by the Dream in the Finals. Also getting beat down by the Spurs when he came to LA.

- Kobe having his team reduced to mediocrity and being told he'd never win again without Shaq. Also getting embarrassed by Boston the first time he returns to the Finals.

- Lebron can't get past Boston and is forced to form the Superteam,then chokes against Mavs after the Big Three announces they are going to win "not 1, not 2, not 3......"

On and on.

Now it would seem it's Stephs turn. As historic as this season had been the man had got verrrrrrrrry cocky coming into the postseason. Even throughout the playoffs and on the brink of elimination he pretty much shrugged off any chance of losing.

Now not only a loss but a loss he has a HUGE responsibility in.

Will this be his moment when he gets better, takes lessons from this L, and comes back with a vengeance and takes it to another level?

His weaknesses have been exposed, this is a pivotal moment for him.