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06-11-2016, 11:28 PM
We have had this thread in the past. A list of the players and their names will be bolded if they sign. This thread will be used to report signings and negotiations. Here are a list of the drafted players

1.Jason Groome(3.65M)
2.CJ Chatham(1.1M)
3.Shaun Anderson(700K)
4.Bobby Dalbec(650K)
5.Mike Shawaryn(637,500)
6.Steve Nogosek(250K)
7.Ryan Scott(10K)
8.Alan Marrero(160K)
9.Matt McLean(10K)
10.Santiago Espinal(50K)
11.Nick Quintana
12.Matthew Gorst(115K)
13.Brady Bramlett (Leaving Baseball)
14.Robby Sexton
15.Michael Wilson
16.Alberto Schmidt
17.Nick Sciortino
18.Trevor Stephan (Commiting to Arkansas)
19.Kyle Hart
20.Nick Lovullo
21.Beau Cappanna
22.Granger Studdard
23.Juan Carlos Abreu
24.Hunter Smith
25.Francsico Soto
26.Jared Oliver
27.Vince Arobio
28.Jordan Scheftz (Commiting to Saddleback)
29.Cam Shepherd
30.Tyler Fitzgerald (Commiting to Louisville)
31.Christian Jones (Commiting to University of Washington)
32.Jeff Belge (Commiting to St John's)
33.Chad Hardy
34.Aaron McGarit
35.John Rave
36.Jordan Wren
37.Carter Aldrete (Commiting to Arizona State)
38.Austin Bergner
39.Jake Wilson
40.Carter Henry (Commiting to University of Houston)

The Red Sox and Groome have until July 15th to agree to a deal. If a deal is not in place, the Sox will pick 13th in the 2017 draft.

06-12-2016, 09:40 PM
First guy signed. 7th round pick Ryan Scott.

Something to celebrate on a somber day. @LittleRockBSB's Ryan Scott here at the Jack w/ family to sign with @RedSox

Little Rock's Ryan Scott will report to short season A @LowellSpinners #RedSoxNation. He flies out Monday morning.

06-12-2016, 09:50 PM
Steve Nogosek confirms he signed, is going to Lowell

@SoxSignatures I leave for Lowell tomorrow morning!

06-13-2016, 12:01 AM
And we got our first no as Belge is commiting to St John's

Wanna thank the @RedSox again for drafting me. However I will be honoring my commitment to St. John's. Can't wait to be on campus! #Johnnies

06-13-2016, 12:19 AM
Tyler Fitzgerald confirms he is going to Louisville

Can't wait to get on campus and start my career as a Louisville Cardinal!#L1C4

06-13-2016, 12:48 AM
Carter Henry of PNG became the 40th-round pick of the Boston Red Sox, but he said Saturday he will still attend the University of Houston on a baseball scholarship.


06-13-2016, 12:56 AM
Shipping off to Boston in the morning, couldn't be more excited!! Thank you all again for the texts, that stuff keeps me going #gosox

06-13-2016, 01:30 PM
Brady Bramlett ‏@bradyb2821
It was an honor and privilege to be drafted by the Boston @RedSox organization. Can't wait to get started, but, as always, Hotty Toddy!

06-14-2016, 09:28 AM
Good on the Scott find, I hadn't seen that one yet.

06-15-2016, 01:03 AM
Oliver, who was taken by the Red Sox organization with the 778th pick in the 26th round, will sign his professional contract later this week once he’s on the ground in Fort Myers, Fla. Once he leaves Hall County on Thursday, he’ll begin his career playing rookie baseball with the Gulf Coast League Red Sox.


06-15-2016, 01:07 AM
Nick Lovullo will play for his father's franchise

Back to Mass!!! This time headed for Lowell!

06-15-2016, 06:55 AM
I am truly thankful for the opportunity to continue my baseball career with the @RedSox organization. Now it's time to get to work!

06-15-2016, 05:18 PM

Carter Aldrete not signing.

06-15-2016, 10:41 PM
So we got some news about two signings. This was from yesterday

Source: Red Sox second-round pick SS CJ Chatham will sign for $1.1 million. Slot for No. 51 overall is $1,232,800. @johnmanuelba was first.

and from today

Red Sox sign 6th-rdr Steve Nogosek (178th) for $250K. Slot value at #178 is $281.1K.

also from Cotillo

Re: Nogosek, expect Red Sox' signings to be under slot to save money for Jason Groome.

06-16-2016, 04:28 PM
Appearing on Buster Olney’s podcast, ESPN’s Keith Law said teams believe Groome was upset to be selected by the Red Sox as he had a deal with another team picking after the Red Sox for more money. He did add he believes eventually Groome will sign for around $4 million.

“Are the Red Sox going to sign Jason Groome? Yeah, they probably are,” Law said. “I assume most of these players sign. If a player doesn’t sign — if he goes in the first or second round and doesn’t fail his physical — he’s almost certainly going to sign. The Groome case is an interesting one because most teams believe Groome had a higher offer than a team drafting behind the Red Sox and they were upset the Red Sox had taken him thinking they would get more money somewhere else. The Red Sox slot number at pick No. 12 is $3.2 million. It looks like they are going to save some money with later picks. They could probably get that number up to $4 million.

“It would be totally irrational for him to turn down $4 million in the first place, but looking at the 2017 draft class, it’s loaded with college pitching, which I think makes it unappealing for any player in this draft class to go to junior college or go back to college for one more year and sit out to come back in next year’s draft class. Your situation is probably better in this draft class than it is going to be in next year’s class.”


I have a concern about the Red Sox's pick of Jason Groome. Since he was at one point considered to be a possible No. 1 overall selection, will his financial requirements prohibit Boston from signing any of its other top-10-rounds or later tough-signability draftees? Do you think the Red Sox will sign Groome and any of its other tough signs in later rounds?
-- Jason S., Simsbury, Conn.

Though Groome was MLBPipeline.com's top-rated Draft prospect, the Phillies or Reds never seriously considered taking him with one of the first two selections. He's a left-hander with No. 1 starter stuff, but he also comes with risk because he's a high school pitcher and has maturity issues that concern clubs. On Draft Day, the only real landing spots for Groome in the top 10 selections appeared to be No. 6 with the Athletics (who went with Florida lefty A.J. Puk) and No. 8 with the Padres (who opted for Stanford righty Cal Quantrill).

San Diego hoped Groome would fall all the way to its pair of extra first-round picks at Nos. 24 and 25, and multiple industry sources say the Padres promised him a $5 million bonus if he got there. That didn't happen, with the Red Sox stepping in at No. 12. With a winning big league club that has a strong core of young talent, not to mention several blue-chip prospects rising through the Minors, it may be years before Boston has an opportunity to draft a player with as much upside as Groome.

I don't believe the Red Sox care what the Padres offered, and I don't think they're going to scrape together every dollar they can in their $6,997,400 bonus pool and just hand it to Groome. He'll likely get more than the $3,192,800 assigned pick value at No. 12, but Boston may get all of its other signings done and offer him whatever remains in its allocation. The Red Sox would get the No. 13 choice in the 2017 Draft if he doesn't sign, and I don't see them exceeding their pool by more than 5 percent to land him and forfeiting a future first-rounder as a penalty.

Boston took several talented high school players on Day 3 of the Draft, starting with Nevada second baseman/catcher Nick Quintana in the 11th round and also including Georgia shortstop Cam Shepherd (29th round), Illinois shortstop Tyler Fitzgerald (30th), Washington outfielder Christian Jones (31st), New York left-hander Jeff Belge (32nd) and Florida righty Austin Bergner (38th). The Red Sox may be able to fit at least one of them, as well as Groome, into their Draft budget.


You know this is a nice theory. But the one thing that breaks it is his draft day video. Yeah i can see him being a little unhappy about a 20% paycut, but go back and watch his draft video. He was happy and in tears. I think if anyone is unhappy its his reps and teams like the Padres who wanted him to drop.

06-16-2016, 08:55 PM
Shocking news about these two signings. I expected them to cost a lot more


NCAA D-I batting champ (.435) Ryan Scott, Arkansas-Little Rock OF, 7th-rd senior sign w/@RedSox. Bonus = $10k, pick 208 = $210,700 @MLBDraft

Srs: T.York @Brewers 9th rd, $25k; M.McLean @RedSox 9th rd, $10k; L.Humpal @Orioles 9th rd, $10k; M.Barash @Angels 9th rd, $20k. @MLBDraft

We have saved about 510K . If we keep it up, then we got a really good chance to sign Groome.

06-17-2016, 12:15 PM

#RedSox announce signings of OF Ryan Scott (7th round), OF Matt McLean (9th), C Nick Sciortino (17th) and 22 Nick Lovullo (20th)

06-18-2016, 02:50 PM
And a change of plans for Brady Bramlett. He is going to quit Baseball and get his Masters.


06-23-2016, 07:45 PM
Got more signings

Alex Speier ‏@alexspeier
Red Sox announce signings of 5 more draft picks: 8th round C Alan Marrero, 19th rd LHP Kyle Hart, 22nd rd Granger Studdard...

Alex Speier ‏@alexspeier
...24th rd RHP Hunter Smith, 26th rd RHP Jared Oliver

06-24-2016, 11:12 AM
To this point all the picks have signed below slot (and none of the round 11+ guys have topped $100K) so the Sox have a net savings of around $525K. Getting Anderson (3), Dalbec (4), and Shawaryn (5) to the table -- even at slot value -- will go a long way towards signing Groome.

06-25-2016, 05:24 PM
A few notes from a Speier article (that I'm too lazy to look up and quote):

Groome could not be contacted until after he graduated so the negotiation was expected to be slow even without a likely "give him whatever's left" approach.
The Sox are close to deals with their Espinal (10).
Their Anderson(3) and Dalbec (4) are also expected to sign and play fairly soon.
Shawaryn is said to be looking for an above-slot bonus (no notes on how much).

06-28-2016, 11:07 PM
Chris Cotillo ‏@chriscotillo 34s35 seconds ago
Update on Groome/Red Sox: "Large gap" between sides at this point with Groome seeking top-4 money ($4.8M+):
Before anyone judges Jason, this is his agent's fault. His agent is new and is truing to make the most money. As far as i'm concerned his agent needs to **** off.

06-29-2016, 02:03 PM

Jones going to Uni of Wash

06-29-2016, 02:17 PM
Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisMLB
12th-rder Matthew Gorst signs w/@RedSox for $115k ($15k vs pool). Georgia Tech RHP, 0.55 ERA as RP, avg stuff, lots of strikes. @MLBDraft

07-02-2016, 09:18 AM
shaun anderson, red sox 3rd rounder, U. of Fla RHP, signs for $700,000

a little above slot value.

Looking less and less like he is going to sign and we have the 13th pick next season.

07-02-2016, 10:13 AM
shaun anderson, red sox 3rd rounder, U. of Fla RHP, signs for $700,000

a little above slot value.

Looking less and less like he is going to sign and we have the 13th pick next season.

Remember when the news reported they are fall apart on talks, they just started negotiating last week. They couldn't start negotiating until Groome graduated, which was last week. There are still a lot of factors to play into all of this. The Aiken factor. Groome could go to Juco but a lot of things could happen. And next year is a DEEP draft.

07-05-2016, 10:37 AM
Currently, they could allocate up to $3.72M and stay under the pool, up to $4.07M without getting penalized. They could also push $4.4M if they're willing to forfeit their first round pick next year. (I wonder if they could give him guaranteed money to make up for the draft-slot difference). If Groome is what many think that he is, it could be worth it.

I can see Dalbec signing for roughly slot money and Shawaryn not signing at all (he slipped a fair bit). Both hurt the Sox' efforts towards Groome.

07-07-2016, 04:04 PM
Pete Abraham ‏@peteabe
#RedSox signed 3 more draft picks: SS Santiago Espinal (10th round), C Alberto Schmidt (16th round), and CF Chad Hardy (33rd Round)

07-07-2016, 06:55 PM
Any word on the money for Espinel?

07-07-2016, 07:05 PM
Any word on the money for Espinel?

Nothing yet

Bo Sox Fan
07-07-2016, 11:33 PM
Red Sox just signed SS Santiago Espinal (10th round) from Miami Dade.

And just like that, Javier Guerra's empty chair in the farm system is filled with a fresh new body.

07-08-2016, 04:31 PM
No one cared that Guerra was dealt. What people cared about was that he was dealt while his value was at an all-time high, pushing into several well-respected prospect lists, as part of a package that already included a top-25 prospect and a well-regarded pitching prospect. The fourth piece in the deal had the looks of a helpful UTL player with a fair bat down the line. Prospects have value as commodities beyond their use at the MLB level and for that reason several of us panned the trade as an overpayment. Most MLB analysts did the same.

Does that package seem reasonable for an AS CL whom you are already suggesting should be traded?

07-09-2016, 10:33 AM
ICYMI, @RedSox signed 10th-rder Santiago Espinal. Bonus was $50K (Pick 298 value=$157,200).

Saved about 100K

07-09-2016, 10:40 AM
According to the Signing and Bonus page on MLB.com, Marrero signed for 160K, saved 20K.

07-11-2016, 10:48 AM
Jordan Scheftz is not signing

The Saddleback baseball program was back in the news this week when the baseball office announced that three more players have signed letters of intent. The latest commitments brings the total to 13 for the year.

The latest to sign were pitchers Jordan Scheftz and Logan Escudero along with infielder Brandon Heinrich.

Scheftz came to Saddleback from UC Irvine and played with the Gauchos for two years. He was 4-3 with a 3.48 ERA this past season, pitching 31 innings. In two seasons at Saddleback, Scheftz pitched 50.1 innings and was 5-3 overall, striking out 38. He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 28th round last month but opted to continue with his schooling at the University of Central Florida. UCF is located in Orlando, Florida, and plays in the American Athletic Conference. The Knights were 26-33 in 2016.


07-12-2016, 06:49 PM
Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeyman
sources: red sox, groome talks are intensifying. not done yet. h/t @RobertMurrayFRS

Lets get it done!

07-12-2016, 08:26 PM
Trevor Stephan headed to Arkansas

Trevor Stephan, a right-handed pitcher from Hill Junior College in Texas, opted to not sign with the Boston Red Sox four days before the signing deadline. Stephan was drafted in the 18th round last month.


07-12-2016, 08:49 PM
Juan Carlos Abreu has signed. He is on the GCL Red Sox roster.

07-13-2016, 12:23 PM

Source: Red Sox deal w/1st-rounder Jason Groome 'getting closer,' 'should get done,' though final bonus figure still being discussed.

07-13-2016, 11:18 PM

.@TerpsBaseball RHP Mike Shawaryn, a fifth-round pick to the @RedSox, has signed. Solid 206 season, ++ competitiveness #MLBDraft #Terps

07-14-2016, 12:03 PM
12m12 minutes ago
Evan Drellich ‏@EvanDrellich
Source: Red Sox No. 12 overall pick Jason Groome is in Boston to take his physical. Deal close but not finalized.

07-14-2016, 06:57 PM
Jared Carrabis @Jared_Carrabis
Can confirm the Red Sox will sign their first-round draft pick, Jason Groome.

Well there is some good news.

07-14-2016, 08:04 PM
@jonheyman: red sox, jason groome have a deal. $3.65M pending physical.”

Great deal

07-14-2016, 08:12 PM
Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisMLB
4th-rder Bobby Dalbec signs w/@RedSox for $650k (pick 118 = $501,300). Arizona 3B, big power, mound hero for @NCAACWS runners-up. @MLBDraft

5th-rder Mike Shawaryn, @RedSox agree on $637,500 (pick 148 = $375,500). Maryland RHP, up to 94 from low slot, good SL too. @MLBDraft