View Full Version : Steve Adams vs. Enes Kanter & the Harden trade

05-23-2016, 04:38 PM
The Thunder have played well in the post season, beat a 67-win team in a 7-game series, and have the lead against a 73-win game after 3 games.

Obviously, this has a lot to do with Westy and KD (or KD and Westy).

However, their role players have stepped up huge, especially Steve Adams.

In the regular season, Kanter was averaging 20/10 per36, and despite fewer minutes, had a clear edge in the rebounding department when compared to Adams.

Adams, though, seems like the smarter/better defender (he seems to have a higher BBIQ from what I've seen) and he his shots at a high enough percentage that even though they are 2pters, he scores as more points per 10 shots than more 3-pt shooters do (he gets 12.26 points per 10 shots; which is as good as somebody shoot .403 from the arc).

So who is more important to OKC? Adams or Kanter?

And how does Adams make the Harden trade look? He is obviously not as good as Harden, but he may be more important to this team than Harden would be. And had the Thunder kept Kevin Martin and Sefolosha, they'd be in great shape at the SG position.