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05-12-2016, 09:30 PM
Why doesn't this guy get the proper respect from the teams ownership/peers? His team rankings are as follows Runs (3rd), Hits (4th), HR's (5th), RBI's (5th), WAR (6th) and only 1 player has played in more games with the organization (Yaz). He was also one of the best defensive OF'ers of his era.

Rice got his # retired in '09 and wade Boggs will be getting his # retired coming up very shortly. A man who spent his final 7 seasons with TB/NY (5 of which were with NYY) which includes the image of him riding a horse at yankee stadium after winning a WS. After retirement? He never had a close relationship with the fan base OR organization.

I just don't understand why this man has never gotten the respect..By the fans, ownership, HOF voters etc. Any ideas as to why?

05-15-2016, 09:58 AM
I've written on this a lot over the years. Evans was a better player then Rice or Lynn.

1. He started slowly with the bat, they didn't, they had reps their whole career, he was in his late 20's - when the Sox were pretty boring, when he earned his.

2. HR's and BA's are sexier than great OF play and OBP.

3. Evans batted most of the time (due to rep) in poor RBI spots. Rice and Lynn were both routinely batting in prime spots their whole career.

4. Evans best year was interrupted by the strike. He might have won the MVP, he might have gotten to 400 HR's with those lost games (collated at the end of his career of course).

5. He was quiet. Rice was surly, Lynn started off as a god and only lately showed himself as a coward vs LHP by faking minor injuries. Who gets paid attention to of the 3 more for behavior?

If you line up Evans's best years in the same order as Rice's and Lynn's he holds up well against their best and then cremates them from years 5-N. The early monster year player is followed by his success - even when in Rice's case he only had two more good years after age 26. He holds the all time record for GDIP over a 4 year span when he started to suck. He was overpaid. Lynn was vastly overrated as a fielder. He could have stayed in Fenway with that oppo field swing and amassed killer numbers. Nope, he left for $, much like Boggs and those special numbers dried up away from Fenway.

Evans > Rice, Lynn its a fact. Somewhere in the past is a total numbers breakdown of Rice v Evans that I wrote, it's fairly close, but Evans was better.

05-16-2016, 10:50 AM
The causal NL fan will probably assume that the Orioles are the cream of the crop in 2016 because they started 8-0 and have remained in the top 2 of the AL East all year. The same fan probably assumes the worst about the Sox because of their butchered SPs in the first two weeks of the season. Why? Because first impressions make an enormous difference for a team. And the same is true of a player.

This is just an indirect way of supporting Bags' first point above; Evans was just okay at the plate while playing an unbelievable RF from the first day of his career and the impression he carried was simply that of a defensive specialist. I bet the typical MLB fan of the 70s and 80s would be shocked to find out that Evans had numbers that rivaled Rice. I'm not shocked because he was my favorite player at the time.

If the metrics were available then most people would not be shocked either. Even on the 1975 team, Evans was #2 in WAR (Lynn, Evans, Fisk, Rice, and Carbo were the top 5). We just didn't see the game that way 40 years ago.