View Full Version : NBA Breaks Ties For Draft Order

04-15-2016, 05:04 PM
The NBA has broken their tiebreakers for the draft order with a coin flip.

The Sacramento Kings will get the eighth position in the lottery, which almost entirely eliminates the chance of falling outside of the top-10 to lose their pick to the Chicago Bulls. The Kings would have to be jumped by three teams behind them to fall out of the top-10.

The Denver Nuggets get the ninth slot and the Milwaukee Bucks get the 10th slot.

The Mavericks also won a tiebreaker over the Grizzlies to get the 16th pick, which will be conveyed to the Celtics.

The Pistons also won a tiebreaker over the Blazers to the 18th pick.

In a four-way tiebreaker drawing, the Boston Celtics get 23rd pick in the draft, losing to the Atlanta Hawks (21) and Charlotte Hornets (22).

The Philadelphia 76ers (from the Heat) get the 24th pick.

The order will reverse for the second round: Heat (51), Celtics (52), Hornets (53) and Hawks (54)..