View Full Version : If T-Mac had stayed in Toronto

04-13-2016, 06:38 PM
T-Mac has apparently stated that, in hindsight, he'd wished he had stayed in Toronto.

Nobody is going to argue that T-Mac/Carter would have been equal to Pippen/Jordan, primarily because the Bulls duo were so much more dominant defensively, but certainly would have been an dominating duo.

The '01 finals would have certainly been different. TOR lost to Philly in gave save in the waning seconds. With McGrady on their roster, Philly would have had trouble guarding two prolific scorers, and the Bucks likely wouldn't have fared much better. The Lakers.... that would be interesting. With Davis, Oakley, Jerome Williams, Keon Clark, and Kevin Willis, the Raps would have had a lot of big bodies to throw at Shaq, though none as good as Mutumbo.

More interesting would be the preceding years, especially with Hakeem the next season. Though Carter missed the playoffs due to injury, having a guy like McGrady would have allowed them to make a run at least. And it likely would have secure Wilkens' job, and given Carter cause to stay in Toronto around, and in turn more time to build around those two. There's no saying that Jason Kidd would have made it to the NBA finals were T-Mac and Carter playing together (though the Nets would have still had a shot).

What would this duo have been able to accomplish? It's hard to say, because the Raptors would have had a different base to build around, but it seems likely that they could have put together a consistent 50-win team for 4-5 years at least.