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03-13-2016, 04:29 PM
Just looking up some 4th quarter stats out of boredom and I was surprised at some of the figures that came up.

*DISCLAIMER* My "zeroes" list is made up entirely of guys who I personally didn't expect to be so bad in 4th quarters, they're still in the top 30-40 for 4th quarter production but I expected them to be higher. My own personal opinion based on the facts, that's all. Don't take offense.


Anthony Davis

Top 5 in scoring in the 4th quarter. Oh and out of all the top 10 4th quarter scorers, Davis leads the pack with a FG% of .56. He also leads them all with a 3pt% of 43%. He's 2nd in the entire league for rebounds in the 4th and tied 1st for blocks. Monster.

Kyle Lowry

Top 5 in 4th quarter scoring, he averages 45% from the field and 40% from deep while also being in the top 5 for assists. He is also top 10 in +/-

Kawhi Leonard

He doesn't score much in the 4th quarter, barely scraping into the top 20. But he is very efficient, he's averaging 50% from the field, 41% from deep and 85% from the line. He is also in the top 5 for +/-



I knew Westbrook was turnover prone but I didn't realise he is leading the entire league in turnovers during the 4th quarter. I also didn't realise he's outside the top 10 for scoring in the 4th quarter. On top of that he shoots 39.5% from the field and 30% from deep in fourth quarters. And not to kick a man while he's down, but he also leads all point guards in personal fouls committed in the 4th and is barely putting up a positive +/- with an average of 0.4

Klay Thompson

I'm a huge fan of this kid so it's tough to do this but Klays numbers in the 4th just stink. He's outside the top 30 for scoring although that may be in part to the Warriors blow out wins (so he doesn't play a lot of 4th quarters therefore doesn't put up massive numbers) and in part to the Curry show. However, his % also take a wild dip. He shoots 41% from the field and 35% from deep during 4th quarters. That's a 5% and 6% dip from his usual averages. The saving grace here is that he's in the top 10 for +/- in the fourth quarter, so he's doing something right (assuming defense).

Mike Conley

Barely clinging to a spot in the top 40 for scoring in the 4th, Conley averages an abysmal 38% from the field and a respectable 35% from deep during fourth quarters. He has a +/- of 0.8. His saving grace? He very rarely turns the ball over in the fourth quarter, especially in comparison to other starting guards.

Nicolas Batum

The savvy french forward is leading all starters in this league with the worst FG% in fourth quarters, he shoots 33% from the field in the 4th and 23% from deep.

The inbetweeners

LeBron James

Top 5 in scoring in the fourth quarter and out of all the top 10 scorers in the 4th quarter he boasts the best +/- by far with 2.9 ...however, he's also second in turnovers behind Westbrook. And he's averaging 14% from deep. Yes, FOURTEEN percent. Which is by far the worst of all players in the top for 4th quarter scoring.

John Wall

Top 10 in scoring, averaging 43% and 39% respectively. Tied for 2nd in assists. But he's also fourth in turnovers... and seems to have absolutely no impact whatsoever with a +/- of exactly 0.

The anomaly

Stephen Curry. The Baby Faced Assassin didn't make the cut during this purely because he hasn't played enough 4th quarters, I restricted the list to players who had played X amount of games (in the 4th) to weed out the injured and garbage time guys. So because of the Warriors dominance through 3 quarters and Stephs lack of appearing in them, he didn't make the list.

His stats however (when I drop the # of games required to count) are as follows;

He is tied 2nd in points. He is 2nd in FG% out of everyone in the top 40 for scoring (behind Davis). BY FAR the best shooter from deep (in the entire league), making an absolutely insane 54% from deep in fourth quarters. He also averages 91% from the free throw line. He has the best +/- in the entire NBA. Top 10 in assists. Top 5 in steals.

Who are the guys you thought would be great 4th quarter producers but aren't? And vice versa?