View Full Version : Could the Spurs get 70 wins?

03-13-2016, 10:41 AM
There are 16 games left in the season, and the Spurs have never been the type of team to push to the league's best record or chase an arbitrary win mark, but should they go 14-2 over the last 16 games, they will secure a 70-win season.

The problem? They have 3 games against the Warriors, and two games against the Thunder (as well as a game against the Raptors, Clippers, and Trailblazers).

Though I would agree this is unlikely, it seems a shame that the Spurs were inclined to rest players or manage minutes in a season where the league could have seen two 70-win teams. On the flip side, other teams, like the Warriors and Thunder, may opt to rest players should the games not impact their place in the standings.

03-13-2016, 11:09 AM
My prediction for them the rest of the way (although it's hard because Pop could rest guys at any moment)

vs LAC (W)
vs POR (W)
vs GSW (W)
@ CHA (W)
vs MIA (W)
vs MEM (W)
@OKC (L)
@MEM (W)
vs NOP (W)
vs TOR (W)
vs UTA (W)
@ GSW (L)
@ DEN (W)
vs GSW (W)
vs OKC (W)
@ DAL (L)

69 - 13

I figure they'll put out their bench in the last GSW game and in typical Warriors fashion the Dubs will become too comfortable and throw away an easy W yet again (note how all of their losses are from lackluster teams).

They'll rest guys versus Dallas even if it means throwing away the chance of a 70 wins season purely because Pop is the worlds biggest troll. And the Spurs love to play the role of the hipster in this league "too cool for records" and all that.

The OKC loss is purely because at that point I think they'll be hungry for a real win, Pop might rest one or two guys.

The Warriors loss is simply because I don't think the Warriors are going to lose at home during the regular season (although I do think Spurs are the only team in the league that could beat them at Oracle).

Fun thing is I'm predicting both teams to go undefeated at home all season.

03-13-2016, 11:32 AM
Yes they can of course mathematically . But don't think they will

03-13-2016, 12:16 PM
Its a brutal stretch to end the season as opposed to GSW, 13/16 teams are play off bound with Utah on the bubble to make it 14. The Pelicans a tough play for SAS always, and Denver being their only sub .500 easy game. I mean its not like they wouldn't be favored in pretty much all - except maybe the GSW games but its still a rough stretch if they are looking to get to 70 wins. I mean it could go both ways I guess with tough games leading into the playoffs they should be able to establish a good rhythm and play meaningful games to enter the post-season.

That said I don't think they will - they are an older team and I think GSW will lock up the 1st seed sooner or later and remove the incentive to go the extra mile for 70 wins. Next Saturday's game GSW-SAS is a pretty much a must-win with only 3.5 games separating them and the Spurs ideally beating the Clips/Portland and the Warriors beating the Pelicans/Knicks/Dallas. Huge huge game with 70 wins on the line as well as that @ Home winning streak..

03-13-2016, 12:37 PM
Doubt it. Think they'll end up around 66-67 wins.

To finish 5-2 against the Warriors, Thunder, Raptors, and Clippers would be fantastic, but they would then have to run the table?

Pop will probably give up chasing the Warriors if they lose to them on Saturday, which means that they'll probably start resting guys, leading to more losses. So many teams they play are fighting for their playoff lives, while the Spurs are pretty much locked into the 2nd seed (unless Golden State starts to fall off).