View Full Version : Is the NBA a GM's league? a coaches league? or a players league?

02-02-2016, 02:29 PM
When I was growing up watching basketball, it seemed like the players were larger than life, and that players propelled success. I think, not to discredit Red (who is a titan in the annals of the NBA), the NBA was a players league up until late 80's. Wilt. Kareem. Russell. The Big O. West. Then the 80's rolled around and it was Magic, Bird, Kareem, Dr. J Moses, and then MJ.

I felt like trades and signings were made to bring the biggest names together, and I think by and large, players were given credits for winning the games (not that they aren't now).

But with Riley and Daly getting so much recognition, and then Jackson's mystique followed by Pop's twenty-year dynasty, it seems to transition to a coaches game where which coach you had seemed to matter a lot.

In the last ten years, the focus seems to really be on the GM. I think that is part of the reason we see SO many coaches get fired, even when there seems to be no point to it. Pop and Riley's front office role seems to demonstrate this, and the fact that Doc and SVG both sought front office roles with their new jobs seems to reinforce this.

Though obviously players are still the biggest factor, it seems like GMs are increasingly being given credit for putting the right combination of players together. I mean, West has always gotten props for his draft day magic, but I hear so many people talking about GMs now, and that wasn't the case 25 years ago.

30 years ago. People talked about the players. Perido. 20-25 years ago, people started talking about the coaches.

Now they seem to be talking about the GMs more and more?

Is this a GM's league now?