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12-17-2015, 08:04 PM
Because I want to talk about Wiggins, noel, Randle, Gordon, Parker, Payton, Lavine, Harris, Capela, Clarkson ect.

Who has disappointed so far? Who has surprised? How do you evaluate them so far, and who would you want moving forward?

12-18-2015, 12:01 AM
This year or overall?

Noel has disappointed this year for sure. He was our defensive anchor last season and exploded after the MCW trade freed him up on offense. He was doing things statistically nearly every week that hadn't been done by a rookie since Daivd Robinson, Hakeem, Shaq, etc.

This year, he's playing a ton of PF and it doesn't suit him at all. His stats have flat lined. His defensive impact has been diminished. And he's out of place on offense. It's a bad fit with Jahlil, but he's also just playing worse on his own.

The worst part to me is that he insists in trying to develop and model his game like KG or Amare. His own words. It's the worst. Stop it Nerlens! He needs to be DeAndre Jordan, or Tyson Chandler, or Joakim Noah (what Noah could do offensively back in the day, that's the upside of his offensive game). But just rebound. Block shots. Be ferocious. Get 12-15 boards a game and score double digits all in put backs and alley oops.

12-24-2015, 02:35 AM
I agree 100% about Noel.

I think Wiggins has been a little disappointing as well. His 3pt shooting is worse than last year, his defense isn't very good, his rebounding is terrible for someone 6'8 and elite athleticism, not much of a play maker either. From the few games I've watched that's what I concluded. Still, probably a top 5 SG/SF for the next decade.

Capela is playing really well. I've been a fan since before his breakout in the play offs. I wish the Magic could've gotten him. Morey always seems to find draft steals.

Parker didn't show a lot of improvement from last year, but at least he's healthy and his injury didn't affect his athleticism. He's basically an older rookie right now, and he has some weaknesses in his game that are a little worrisome. He's a bad rebounder, defender, and shooter. I do like his feel for the game, his explosiveness near the rim, and he's a good passer. I actually like his potential as a scorer, but he needs to extend his range.

Lavine has been surprising me. He's still not a good PG, and really struggles with decision making at times. His defense is pretty bad as well. Still he elevates so well when he gets to the rim that he's a good finisher, and he's a good shooter.

Randle is what I expected him to be. He can only score when he gets near the rim, his defense isn't good, but his rebounding is. I still don't like him TBH, but he has some skills and he's a strong kid. Like Parker, he's essentially an old rookie.

Didn't watch too much of Harris this year, but he's shooting +40% from 3. Not sure how his defense is this year, but I think he has the potential to be an elite 3+D player.

Gordon is also pretty much what I expected him to be, but I know not a lot of people are high on Gordon. He's still making rookie mistakes, but he's catching on quick. Defensively, he's been good. He's just all over the place on that end with his energy. He can change the game on that end: protect the rim, switch, closes out well on shooters, guard perimeter players, guard post players... He's also rebounding the ball better, passing the ball better, and his 3 pt shot is improving. He can handle the ball better than most small forwards. He's shooting 33% from 3 and 70% FTs. I think it's safe to say he's no Kenneth Fareid. There's potential in that shot. Skiles doesn't run a lot of plays for him, but I really like his potential as a 2 way player. He's as young as KAT/Okafor. Basically a rookie.

Payton has been really good. He has improved his shooting, and I think it's safe to say he's not the next Rubio/Rondo. His jump shot has gotten better, his FT shooting has improved (66%), 3 pt shooting improved (31%), doubled his 3PA rate. He's not scared to shoot like he was last year. Also I think he's learning how to penetrate and finish better than he used to. I think he's learning from Fournier. His defense is still very good, he's tough as hell, and he's one of the best play makers in the league. At just 21 years old, I think he's already a top 15 PG. He's averaging 14ppg- 7.3apg- 4.5rpg- 2.0steals per 36 even though his USG% is pretty low for a PG. I really don't see many weaknesses to his game. The shot just needs to become consistent and he will be a top 5 PG.

12-24-2015, 09:11 PM
Basically, in a redraft, I think Payton and Gordon go top 5 easily. A few years from now we'll be talking about Payton as the top PG in the draft, and Gordon the top PF. That's exactly what I said would happen on draft night. A modern day version of Kemp/Payton. Hennigan never disappoints.