View Full Version : Will team chemistry/identity be the weak point for this 15/16 team?

07-15-2015, 09:59 PM
When looking at this team I try and be objective. Being as objective as possible, I see no real skill-wise weakness on paper. Health is not a skill.

But one thing I do notice they don't have is an identity.

The Spurs have an identity... ball movement and stretches of fundamentally mistake free basketball on both ends. Warriors... shooting. The Bulls.... defense and rebounding. Cavs... defense, rebounding, and isolation scoring. Grizzlies... defense, rebounding, and interior scoring. Clippers... pick and roll.

What is the HEAT's identity? Defense? Shooting? Tempo? Half-court excecution? Post scoring? Pick and roll? Perimeter isolation? Ball movement?

They seem to have a coaching staff that envisions them operating one way, yet have a personnel that says almost the opposite.

You'll have Whiteside playing in a contract year and he'll certainly make it known he needs his touches inside. You'll have Deng possibly struggling to adjust to a role that might have him as the 5th option standing in the corner to take 3s, something he isn't great at. You'll have Dragic and Wade with a likely polar opposite approach when it comes to handling the ball with one looking to push the pace and the other looking to slow things down. Will this become like the 2011 HEAT team where they might actually seem more effective with the other of their primary play-makers sitting on the bench how it was at first with Wade and LeBron just taking turns?

There are a lot of questions as to what team they will identify themselves as. I don't think you can try and be a jack of all trades. Someone, somehow is going to have to sacrifice their game for the better of the team to fit what the coach needs them to do just like Iguodala and David Lee last year with the W's.

07-15-2015, 10:29 PM
Pace and Space Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Dragic, Bosh, Whiteside, Tyler Johnson, Winslow, Green (who played with Dragic) and McRoberts....they all can run and play uptempo. Wade, if he's healthy. Deng should and if he can't he'll get minutes cut.

I don't think we'll have a problem finding an identity. Dragic and Whiteside are the core for the future, and they played together already. With a full training camp for the roster and pre-season we should be well positioned for opening day. Of course from then on to December the team should gel even more.

07-15-2015, 10:47 PM
For the first half of the season yah

Also injury concerns

If we stay healthy and get chem by mid point of the season

Tell the cavs to watch out

King Koopa
07-28-2015, 11:03 AM
You make great points Beasted, I have to agree with you! I think that was our biggest problem last year as well. We didn't have an identity as a team, some games we had great ball movement and others it was Iso's expecting something great to happen.

This year we're going to have to take a page out of Golden States book, run and spacing. Whiteside will have to take the Bogut role and be a rebounder/Rim protector, can't expect much offense from him! and use Bosh/McBob as our spacers at the 4 (Greens role)

Only problem i see with this team is the lack of 3pt shooting. Wade is horrible and Deng is average at best. Hopefully with Spo's push to make Dragic take more 3's, Greens, Mario (recovering from a horrible shooting year) Winslow (Doesn't seem good) Bosh, McBob. Can be enough to keep good spacing on the floor.

So basically the only way i see us being able to run anything close to what the Warriors run is if we have at least 3 reliable shooters in the game at all times.

In bold are the players i consider reliable 3pt shooters and some of the lineups we could run.

Dragic/ Wade/ Deng/ Bosh/ Whiteside





These are just a few of the lineups to consider if we want good floor spacing at all times during the game.

07-28-2015, 08:37 PM
I think that with this roster Spo can now suit the team to fit Dragic's game and play more up tempo for sure. Dragic and Wade will both have the ball in their hands the majority of the time and they can both get it done in the halfcourt as well as in transition. We have the athletes now to play faster, especially off the bench with Green and Winslow. I'd like to see some lineups where when Wade and Deng are taking a rest on the bench, Spo turns Dragic loose. For example Dragic/Green/Winslow/Bosh/Amare could really push the pace. He could maybe take Dragic out of the game 1st and insert Chalmers as a spot up shooter and secondary ball handler behind Wade for a few minutes, then when Wade comes out put Dragic back in with athletes and shooters all around him for a stretch. We have the players to play in the half court as well with Chalmers/Wade/Deng/McRoberts/Birdman as a slower pace lineup. Deng played his best when he wasn't relegated to mostly being a spot up shooter late in the year without Bosh, but when he was free to make his timely cuts in the halfcourt. I just hope Spo can figure things out, that's my biggest concern.

No team can run all the time and it's more important to play well both fast and slow then to just be really good at one or the other imo. I don't think we need a set identity other than to play sound defensively and smart offensively. There will be some chemistry hiccups to start, but I think with a full training camp to get acclimated, both Whiteside and Dragic will be great this season. Whiteside will be fine playing uptempo for the most part i'd think, he runs the floor well and even recently said he's on board with the approach. In the halfcourt Dragic and Bosh should be amazing when it comes to the pick and pops, while Wade and Whiteside will continue to be dominate on the Pick and Rolls. I think this teams versatility should be their calling card over any pigeonhole approach.