View Full Version : Most Impressive Road to the Championship?

06-17-2015, 09:56 AM
Some people are talking about the fact that the Warriors had an easy road to the finals, which of course they did, but the best team is still the best team and they had an AMAZING season.

But with that said, who do you think DID have the most impressive/difficult road to a championship?

I myself have to go with the 95 Rockets. They beat the teams with the four best records to win that title.

Round one: Utah (60 wins)
Round two: Phoenix (59 wins)
Round three: Spurs (62 wins)
Round four: Magic (57 wins)

And all those teams were healthy!

The 89 Pistons are up there to. They beat Bird's Celtics, Jordan's Bulls and Magic's Lakers to win it all. Which in hindsight is pretty amazing. I realize Bird was out with injury, but the Pistons were still playing again Robert Parish, Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson, and Danny Ainge. and the Celts had Reggie Lewis and Brian Shaw. What's amazing as well is that they only lost 2 games in that run.

What do you think was the most difficult/impressive road to the championship?