View Full Version : 2015 off season thread!

05-19-2015, 09:29 AM
Unless you are a Rockets, Cavs, Warriors, or Hawks fan your season is over. So lets begin the Off season talk. I want to kick it off by talking about where i hope free Agents go, and maybe talk about the draft a bit. But come here to talk about any off season rumors or wish list for your team. I just added the best players that i expect to change teams this off season. I tried to put them with teams that made the most sense, not really based on rumors or money. Tell me what you think.

1. Marc Gasol - I hope he stays in Memphis, second choice would be spurs
2. Lamarcus Aldridge - Hornets, that would make them relevant for the first time since Larry Johnson left. Celtics would be my next choice, and a better one for him.
3. Kawhi Leonard - Spurs, i dont see any way he leaves.
4. kevin Love - Lakers, Celtics, or Bucks. My money is on LA.
5. Jimmy Butler - Bulls, the bulls would be crazy to let him go, but the Lakers will make a push for him.
6. Dwyane Wade - Miami, or maybe he could go to the bulls if he wants to go home to chicago, and compete for a championship.
7. DeAndre Jordan - My money is on Dallas, i think he wants a change of scenery, but he should stay in LA.
8. Greg Monroe - Celtics or Knicks
9. Rajon Rondo - Lakers, he will only make it with someone like Kobe having his back. Houston could be an option as well.
10. Danny Green - Memphis needs a shooter more than anyone else, but my money says he stays a spur.
11. Wesley Mathews - Trailblazers are the smart pick, if they lose Aldridge, they won't lose Wesley also.
12. Tobias Harris - Knicks