View Full Version : How Much Stock?

Wade n Fade
02-21-2015, 01:15 PM
How much stock do you put into college stats? Leading rebounders like Millsap go unnoticed and then become diamonds in the rough in the NBA.

02-21-2015, 01:46 PM
it has to be taken into context. Faried and Millsap both had monster college stats, but they had perceived weaknesses transitioning to the NBA, their height mainly. Still, I think people should have taken just how impressive they both were in college. If a guy like say, CleAnthony Early, who was 23 in the league last year, is putting up monster stats, you have to weight them because he is so much older. If an 18 year old like Russell is putting up stats, holy **** he's going to have a nice career. I think GM's project things that will and won't translate, and sometimes they are simply wrong. Still, very few guys in the NBA get over being undersized, so it's not crazy that they get passed up. An example this year is Harrell, who is small but plays well, I think he falls to 20 or so, and has a chance to end up being a steal.

02-21-2015, 02:15 PM
What people don't understand is that certain attributes translate better from college to pros than others. Rebounding has a high correlation to future performance, i.e. if he was a fantastic rebounder in college, he'll likely be good in the pros.

Size is a function of our need to quickly categorize people. 6'8.5" is unacceptable for a PF, but 6'9" is ok? There's simply more to it than that. Shoulder width, standing reach, center of gravity, strength all make far more of a difference than an inch or two in height. Chuck Hayes is generously listed at 6'6" but can play center just fine in the NBA. He's built like a tank and has a low center of gravity. Conversely, Roy Hibbert sucks at posting up. Why? Because he has really long legs, and so his center of gravity is high and it's easy for shorter players to push him off balance.